New 52: Week 12

Ah yes, back to new food… actually a new restaurant.  A week ago I was asked to stop at a Chez Elle and pick up a gift certificate they were donating to our spring auction.  The minute I saw the menu I knew Jim would love it, so I picked up an extra menu and brought it home for him.  This morning we headed there for breakfast.

The food was spectacular.  I had strawberry crepes and a mocha.  Jim had the cheese blintz and said it was the best he has ever had… high praise from my foodie husband.  He also thought the coffee was excellent.  Robert had a muffin and chocolate milk.

The bonus for me, above great food, was it was super kid friendly.  It’s not always easy to find a restaurant with really good food where we’re super comfortable with the fact that for most of our meals out, Robert is with us.  Often times family time means sacrificing good food for a more comfortable environment.  Or rushing through a meal so that you can get on your way.  Not the case here.  He loved the order number holders that were shaped like the Eiffel Tower.  Of course, he decided they were rocket ships.

There was a small sitting area with child size chairs, books and games.  After Robert finished eating he decided to check it out.

I’m thrilled that we’ve found a great place for a Sunday morning breakfast!  And I love being able to support our donors.  It’s definitely a win-win.



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3 responses to “New 52: Week 12

  1. This is such an awesome discovery! Love that Robert is wearing his pirate hat again! So happy that you discovered a kid-friendly great food place that you can go on Sundays now.

  2. I see the pirate look is still going strong. LOL! I love the idea of going out for Sunday breakfast, such a lovely way to start your day & even better that the restaurant was so family friendly … LOVE thos kiddie sized armchairs, how cute are they?!?!?!

  3. He wears the pirate hat EVERYWHERE. He even wore it to our Christmas card photo shoot. I miss seeing his little head without it!

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