Ten on Tuesday

1.  Today was the Mayoral election in Kansas City.  Jim and I met at the poll again like we did for the primary.  It seemed to work well.  Disappointed that we were there for the last 2 hours of the election and there were less than 325 votes cast in our precinct.  Hate voter apathy.  This little guy has no voter apathy… he loves sticking the ballots in the machine!

2.  I won two tickets to the zoo’s Flights for Flippers today.  It’s a wine tasting and comedy show at the zoo Thursday night to help bring penguins to the KC Zoo.  I invited Nancy to go along… hope she can get a sitter!  Looking forward to a little “girls night”.

3.  Robert and I were playing with his dinosaurs tonight.  He was the mama t-rex and I was the baby t-rex.  Very interesting dialogue.  He “sent” me to school and said I would like it there, they are nice and I could play with the kids while he (mama t-rex) goes to work.

4.  We’ve set up Saturday as the day to meet at my Uncle’s house and go through my Aunt’s stuff to take what we want and help my Uncle deal with the rest.  I’m not looking forward to it but I know it needs to be done.

5.  I’m starting to wonder if Robert will ever be potty trained!  He’s great about using the potty if we take him but he won’t tell us when he needs to go.  Ugh, ugh, ugh!!!  I’m really hoping that by summer we are fully potty trained.  I know it’s going to be like everything else with him, a light will go on and he’ll be done with pull ups.

6.  Watching Teen Mom 2 and getting so pissed at these girls.  These poor kids deserve better than a parent half-ass playing Mommy.  Grrrrr.  I think it pisses me off most because I see my niece making so many of the same mistakes. 

7.  A lot of drama last week with my nephew.  It was frustrating and really hurt my feelings but we got past it.  I especially like him basically telling me to fuck off via Facebook.  Seriously???  I finally told him if you want me to quit helping you say the word, he reconsidered.  I know things are tough for him right now and some things were out of his control.  He took some bad advice from his mother and it’s had serious legal consequences and we’ve had to hire a lawyer.  He is upset about how much it is costing and doesn’t want my Mom and I paying it but I finally convinced him that he is worth it.  I just wish I had my little, confident guy back.  It’s been years since he’s believed in himself.

8.  Some really cool stuff happening at work.  Feel like I’m hitting my stride.  A lot of big thoughts… now just to get some plans in place.

9.  The city is once again not opening our neighborhood pool due to budget cuts.  Grrr.  I sent the parks department an email:

Perhaps you ought to start making your decisions based on who is paying for these pools to stay open.  You get your money through taxes… let’s look at median household incomes for the pools you are operating:
Brush Creek (64130) – $24,226 median household income
Budd Pool (64108) – $27,508 median household income
The Grove Pool (64127) – $21,868 median household income
Swope Pool (64133) – $24,266 median household income
Then there’s Line Creek (64151) – $56,974 median household income
So, I’m paying more in taxes and you’re going to charge me more to go to my "local" pool.   
Season Pool Pass for Inner City Pool for family of three – $75
Season Pass for Tiffany Springs Pool for family of three – $185
Season Pass for KC Family of three to the Gladstone Pool – $145
Oceans of Fun Season Pass for family of three – $179
Yes, it would be cheaper for me to get a season pass to Oceans of Fun than it would to go to the nearest Kansas City pool.  I think you would agree that the amenities at Oceans of Fun are a bit more impressive than Tiffany Springs.

They did not respond.  Go figure.  So I think we’re going to go with World’s of Fun/Oceans of Fun season passes for the whole family.  A lot of trips to the amusement/water park in our future.

10.  I’m really thinking I would like to start getting more politically active.  We shall see.  Since I have so much spare time.


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