New 52: Week 13

Worlds of Fun Park Map

Our “new” this week is we are now season pass holders to World’s of Fun and Oceans of Fun… whoo hoo!!!!  I am so excited!  It’s one of the midwests largest amusement parks and water parks.  It’s about 15 minutes from our house.  I have so many memories of going there every year growing up and working there in college.  This year they are opening up a huge new Camp Snoopy expansion and I LOVE Snoopy.  I can’t wait to take Robert. 

He is going to be so excited at Oceans of Fun, they have a pirate ship in the kids area!  I see a lot of sunshiny “Aaarrgghh’s!!!!” in our future.  This will be our swimming pool for the summer  Smile

When I found out that season passes are discounted until the 15th and that there is now free parking with season passes, it really became a no brainer.  If we go to each park once, it’s paid for itself.  And since the parking pass goes with your season pass, we can meet there after work and not worry about meeting somewhere and getting down to one car instead of two.

My friend Nancy is thinking about getting passes for her and her kiddos too since she’ll now have someone to go with since her husband works odd hours.  That would be a lot of fun.



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2 responses to “New 52: Week 13

  1. What a fun New 52! So many memories to be made all summer. Very cool!

  2. Looks like a load of fun! Lots of cool memories and pictures all summer! Can’t wait to see!

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