The Mega Easter Weekend Post

Wow… we packed a lot into Easter Weekend.  I had Friday off and Jim took it off too so we got to spend some time together doing some projects around the house and running some errands.  We picked Robert up at preschool together and headed out for dinner and then to Line Creek to watch some hockey (Robert’s request).

Saturday we went to Belvouir Winery in Liberty… it’s supposed to be haunted!  They had over 5,500 eggs and they were gone in less than 10 minutes!  It was like watching a herd of cartoon sheep work their way down a hill… but he had fun and it was a cool place to visit.


He said he could see Mars when he looked in my lens.


Waiting for the hunt to start.

He had to open all the eggs in the car.  He doesn’t eat any of the candy he always hands it to me.

Saturday afternoon we dyed Easter Eggs.  It was Robert’s first time dying eggs and he loved it.  I loved watching him.  We used to do this with my Aunt Barb and my niece and nephew but they outgrew it a few years ago.  This was going to be Robert’s first year to dye eggs with Aunt Barb so it was a bit bittersweet.


Sunday morning I woke Robert up and told him that the Easter Bunny had come.  He grabbed a yard stick… he thought the Bunny was pretty creepy on Saturday so he was taking no chances.


Then it was time to hunt dinosaur Easter eggs.

The Easter Bunny brought Robert a new Toy Story Geo Trax train with exploding bridge.  He had a great time playing with that.

My Mom and Uncle came for Easter dinner in the afternoon.  Jim made all the food… I made dessert… the Pioneer Woman’s Pig Cake… it was delicious.  After dinner there were more eggs to hunt.  Then Robert played a LOT with Uncle Ward.  He even let Uncle Ward wear the pirate hat (which is huge!)  It was really good for Uncle Ward and I knew my Aunt was thrilled that her boy was still taking care of everyone with his sweet little spirit.


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