New 52: Week 17

This morning we headed to the Brookside Art Annual.  It’s one of my favorite Saturday’s of the year. 
Brookside Art Fair
We got absolute rock star parking right outside of one of my favorite stores, Stuff.  I picked up this awesome new bath mat:
Bath Mat

A good reminder for the little daredevil in the house Smile

They also had a really cool balloon artist.  Robert got a balloon t-rex.

Balloon Art 1Balloon Art 2Balloon Art 3Balloon Art 4Balloon Art 5

After the art fair we stopped at Loose Park to fly our kite and swing a bit.

Loose Kite 1

Loose Kite 2Loose Kite 3Loose Swing

The boys dropped me at home so I could try to nap off a headache.  They grabbed picnic lunch and headed to the park in Riverside.

Riverside Park 1Riverside Park 2Riverside Park 3Riverside Park 4

Later on in the evening I was feeling better (gotta do something about these headaches though… too much I miss when they hit).  We decided to head out to World’s of Fun for a few hours.  When we were walking in Robert was watching the Patriot and said, “Roller coaster.  Cool.  Sounds like fun!”  He would love to get on the big coasters… we’ve still got a year or two (I hope!)  He did ride the Scrambler and LOVED every minute of it.  There are a ton of brand new rides in Planet Snoopy and they are holding his interest pretty well.

He fell asleep in the car but rallied once we hit the door.

Another successful Saturday.  I love our weekends.


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  1. What a super-fun day! I love looking at balloon artists work their magic. Such a great bath mat!

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