Last Sunday we went to the downtown airport to see a World War II B-17 and P-40.  They were on tour and stopped here for the weekend.  For $400 we could have taken a ride… or $1400 in the P-17 but since we don’t have that type of cash we settled for doing a walk through and watching it take off.  It is an impressive site!

Unfortunately, Robert thought when I said go see airplanes I meant World’s of Fun.  He kept telling me, “I want to go to the roller coasters”.  I told him we could go there after we watched the plane take off.  These pictures were back to back.  The two faces of my son.roberts two faces

He got to fly the airplanes.

And we all rode the nest ride together.  Daddy makes it spin really fast!wof2

Thumbs up!  He’s ready for the kite eating tree ride!wof3wof4

I love how much he loves the thrill rides.wof5

He thinks the ball room is a lot of fun.  You can shoot balls in the air through tubes.   He even figured out how to aim them a bit!wof6wof7

He took me on a Jeep ride.  I’m a really good driver.wof8

I remember these boats from when I was his age.  Still a classic!wof9


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