Oceans of Fun

Oceans of Fun opened Friday and we finally made it there Sunday.  As I suspected, Robert LOVED it!  They have a couple of really good kiddie areas where he technically doesn’t need his life vest but until I’m sure he realizes he can’t just jump into the big pools, I’m making him wear it.  It’s just easier sometimes for him to  get used to this is how we do it than to negotiate and have a melt down.  We were there for three hours yesterday and all got a lot of sun.

If I’m totally honest, Schlitterbahn is a much better water park.  But, Oceans of Fun is closer and when you do the combination season pass to the amusement park World’s of Fun, it’s a much better deal.  And I also have to remember that yesterday was only the third day they were open so some of the employee problems I had (they didn’t realize there was a line on their measuring sticks and the kid didn’t have to be as tall as the stick to do some of the slides) will get better over the coming weeks.OOF1OOF2OOF3OOF4

This was his favorite slide!OOF6OOF7

My heart absolutely swells when I see him having this much fun.OOF8OOF9OOF10OOF11

Cookie Break!


I’m ready to go back in the pool!OOF13

We had met my uncle in the morning to have breakfast and go out to decorate my Aunt’s grave.  Later at dinner when I asked Robert what his favorite part of the day was (expecting to hear slides or water or swimming) he said, “Wards!!!”  He loves his great uncle.


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