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Good Karma Perhaps? New 52–Week 26

What a day.  Our Executive Director and I had two appointments today.. a 10:30am one with a funder and a 1:00pm one to visit another program at 1pm.  We finished the 10:30am appointment and decided to head down to Blanc Burgers on the Plaza for lunch.  We finished lunch and still had a ton of time before out 1pm so when he asked what we should do next I suggested we walk over to the Apple store.  Being the iPhone/iPad owning geek that he is, he was totally game. 

I’ve been trying to convince him since December that he should buy me an iPad for work.  So, of course on our walk over I started pitching that an iPad would be a great spot bonus.  We went back and forth a bit and I presented a pretty strong case… to which he replied, “never bullshit a bullshitter”.  Oh well, I gave it a good try and it was fun banter.  We walked in and I pointed at the iPad2’s.  He said, “Fine, I’ll only buy you a 16GB, if you want more you have to purchase the upgrade, choose black or white.”  YES!!!  And it’s mine, not the company’s.  My bonus for the extra work I’ve taken on the past few months.

Unfortunately, I had called Jim right after we finished lunch to say I was going to be done early today so I’d pick up Robert at preschool and he and I would have a date night at World’s of Fun so Jim could go hang out at the cigar shop for a bit (Rocky Patel is in town).  Now I had an iPad I was dying to go home and play with but couldn’t. 

After Robert and I finished at World’s of Fun we headed home.  I played with the iPad… loving every minute of it!  Then I downloaded Talking Tom Cat.  It was so funny I had to call Robert into the room to check it out.  I’ve now spent the last 45 minutes listening to him play with my new toy.  He LOVES it.  He’s declared it is his.

Perhaps my Karma is changing for a bit.  I’ll bet there’s an app for that.


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The Big Purge 2011

Coming soon to our driveway…

Jealous?  I knew you would be.  It’s major purge time at the Wright house.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances our vacation got cancelled. Actually it was a few unforeseen circumstances that individually we probably could have overcome but when they dog-piled on top of each other, the best thing to do was forego the big family summer va-cay.  But, Jim still has the week off… so he’s going to be home purging, fixing, tossing, cleaning.  Where will I be you ask?  Working… just my regular job instead of the “fun” at home stuff.  He has more vacation than I do so he agreed to do this so that when I’m off we’ll be able to do some actual fun family stuff.  Since we no longer have city bulk pick up some things have been piling up in the garage.  Stuff from when Jim’s Mom died over three years ago, a toilet we replaced, odd furniture and large things that have broken, carpet we took out of the bedroom.  Perhaps we’ll actually get to a point where I can put my Jeep in the garage… say it isn’t so!

Fourth of July weekend we’ll be cleaning out a storage unit I have had since before we got married.  It’s time.  It’s been time for years but it was just so convenient to forget about it.  We’re also picking up a full size bed we have at my Mom’s house for Robert while we’re out that way.  As an enticement, I ordered him this bedspread.  It wasn’t the super totally cool look I wanted but it will go with his current paint/wallpaper scheme and is a wee bit easier on the wallet right now.

Easy on the wallet is important right now because even as we speak I type, this is being delivered:

Zoomed: Whirlpool 25.1 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator (Color: White) ENERGY STAR

The storms the other night fried our poor old refrigerator.  It’s approximately 10 years old so I saw no need to call a repairman, it would just be tossing money down a rabbit hole at this point.  So, off to Lowe’s it was.  Found this on sale and they said they’d move up the delivery as an emergency delivery so I’d only be without a refrigerator one day instead of until Saturday.  I’m trying to keep a positive attitude about the substantial outlay of cash.  Our poor savings has taken an absolute beating this year.  I’m discouraged but also grateful.  It’s paid for, it’s mine, cash.  This is our third big hit cash wise this year (and not the largest hit of the three by far).  I know if another storm of life comes and we need money I do have generous family members willing to help.  Just like they know we’d help if the tables were turned.  In my job I see people every day for whom something like this would be the straw that broke the camel’s back and be the financial blow they couldn’t recover from.  We are so lucky that we are not anywhere near that point.

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Happy Father’s Day!!!

We had a really good Father’s Day here.  Robert was so excited Saturday night that he “had” to let Daddy open his present when he saw it wrapped on the table.FD1FD2FD3

We saw this hat at Wild About Harry a few weeks ago and he really liked it.  There was another more “every day” straw hat there too so I told Jim I’d buy it for him.  When I was paying I asked the manager to set this hat back and told him I’d be in Monday to pick it up.  I think Jim was really surprised.FD4

“I make this hat look good!”

After the festivities I settled in for the Star Wars marathon.  My Dad actually took a day off work and took us out of school to take my brother and I to opening day for the first movie.  It’s one of my favorite memories.

Sunday we took Uncle Ward out to lunch and then went back to his house for a bit.  When we got out of the car Robert had his present and was yelling, “Happy Father’s Day Uncle Ward!”  I think he really loved that.


“I love relaxing in the recliner!”

Of course, we had to have the (newly) requisite conversation about do I still want to have medical power of attorney for him and could I handle being the one to pull the plug.  There’s really no graceful way to say, “Oh yeah, I could do that.”  It’s not something that I want to do or look forward to do but I know him, and I love him, and I would do ANYTHING in my power to make sure his wishes are carried out.  He seemed satisfied with that.  Then I had to fill out a couple of life insurance policy beneficiary forms… ugh.  I don’t like thinking about it.  I don’t like preparing for it.  I wish he’d just write down my social security number, put the papers in the file box and let me figure it all out when the time comes.  Perhaps it makes him feel more comfortable.  It’s a bit of a double blow since I know my Mom finally updated her will this week since my brother is gone (five and a half years now).

Uncle Ward made home made ice cream… Robert was super excited!FD8

While we were waiting for it to finish we played hide and seek.  There are a lot of good places to hide at Uncle Ward’s house!FD9FD10

Mmmmm…. ice cream!!!FD11FD12

When we got home Daddy set up the slip and slide and pool.  We played in the back yard all afternoon.

My summer boy… just add water and he’s happy!FD18

We even let Jim lay in his hammock with a beer and a cigar for a while.
Jim Fathers Day

Them Robert and I made Daddy some “manly” cupcakes.FD19FD20FD21FD22

It was such a great day.  I am so lucky.  My Dad was the greatest.  I have a wonderful husband who is a terrific Daddy and I have my Uncle who has been there my whole life and filled in whenever I needed a Dad.

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Work At Home Wednesday

One of the “perks” of my job is I have the option of working from home when I need to.  If Robert’s sick I can work at home and not be charged PTO.  Also with the rising cost of gas it’s a tempting proposition.  The problem is it seems like every time I decide to work at home for a day, someone schedules a meeting I need to be at… ugh.  We are super busy right now.  We’ve had a couple of people leave the agency and it creates more work for some of us while the search for new employees continues.  I have a ton of grants due this month and had three that I really wanted off my plate this week.

Yesterday I had a meeting downtown at 1pm.  When it ended I headed home for the day and got to work writing.  I was in the zone… Mel Kitty adding a calming influece to my home work environment.

When Jim and Robert got home I suggested they head to the water park since it’s open until 7pm.  They did… Robert was super happy about that.

Pirate Swimmer 1Pirate Swimmer 2Pirate Swimmer 3

I got two of the grants completely written by 10pm last night.  This morning I got up, took Robert to preschool and then headed to Starbuck’s for a coffee and to do some editing/re-writes.  Got home and emailed the grants into the ED for his comments and got started on the third one. 

It’s so much more productive being at home.  I would be lucky to get one grant done in a day in the office because of constant interruptions… 99% of which don’t involve me, “I can’t find so-and-so, do you know where they are?”, etc.

I got to thinking perhaps Wednesday should be my day to be home… then I looked at my calendar for the next two weeks and realized that wouldn’t be happening.  At least I got a heck of a lot done today… and all before noon!

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What A Week!

Thank goodness last weekend was a three day weekend because we needed the good time and relaxation to take us through this week.

Wednesday night I picked Robert up from preschool and they told me he had just registered a 102.5 fever.  Ugh.  One look at him I knew he was sick… his eyes show it big time.  He kept saying he was fine.  I called the doctor’s office and managed to get him in with a doctor we really like at 7pm. 

I had an extended day on Thursday for a donor event and Jim was headed to Joplin.  He was supposed to go down the day after the tornado do do a start up at a manufacturing company there, needless to say they had to reschedule.  The company he was going to start up for survived the tornado and were itching to get this start up done so they could keep their people working… not to mention they manufacture shingles and they are really going to be needed there as the rebuilding begins.  I knew no matter what the doctor said Robert could not go to school on Thursday so I called my Mom.  She had been to the surgeon that afternoon and gotten the drain from her mastectomy removed and a full clearance… good thing because I was calling to say that Robert and I would be out after we got done at the doctor and I needed her to watch him Thursday.  She said to bring it on, she was ready.

We headed to the doctor’s appointment and I was really thinking it was probably just a double ear infection.  Robert never complains about anything and we had had an ear infection about a year before.  Doc took a look at his throat and said he had strep throat.  Then he listened to his lungs.  His back sounded clear but he heard a bit of a rattle in his chest.  He wanted to do a chest x-ray just as a precaution.  Turned out he also had pneumonia in his left lung.  All Robert could keep saying was, “I’m ready to go to grandma’s now”.  We got prescriptions for an antibiotic and an inhaler (since he won’t go into a room with a nebulizer).  Doc told us what to watch with his breathing and to get him to the ER if there were problems.  I dropped the boys at McDonald’s to eat and headed across the road to the pharmacy… they were backed up.  I finally got out of there at 9pm.  We dropped Jim off at home and headed to Mom’s house.  We finally got there after 10 and I got him piled down in bed… where he promptly threw up all over the place… ugh.  I tossed him in a tub and my Mom changed the bed.  We eventually both got to sleep… well he did, I kept waking up every time he would cough.

Morning came and he woke up while I was pressing my clothes.  He was still punky but in a pretty good mood.  I left him piled down on the couch with dolphin pillow and his movies.  He spent the day napping and watching videos with Cousin Donald.  He was at the table for a bit in the kitchen with Mom and she asked him how he was, his response, “I’m happy Grandma”

Jim’s start up went off without a hitch and he was headed back by noon so he picked Robert up and brought him home.  He hates his medicine but we managed to get it down him, thank goodness it was only once a day.  He wasn’t wild about the inhaler but we managed.  I convinced him it was a magic whistle.

Friday he still had fever so he and Daddy stayed home together and I went to work.  Friday night we waffled between fever and no fever.  Saturday he woke up with no fever but after a few hours it was back. 

We had planned to go to my uncle’s on Saturday to watch the Old Shawnee Days parade and then he was going to make home made ice cream.  Those plans got cancelled.  I had a visitation to go to for a friend’s grandmother.  On the way home I stopped at the party store and got a pirate favor kit complete with three gold coins, eye patch and telescope and some pirate tattoos. 

When I got home Robert was in a good mood but still looked tired.  He had a pretty quiet, fever free afternoon and at 7pm climbed into my bed and fell fast asleep.  At 8:45pm he woke up and he was well!  I was trying to change his clothes and he wound up running around the house naked and singing.  We sang, hatched imaginary birds, wrestled and I got lots of kisses.  At 11pm I turned him over to Daddy and went to sleep.

This morning we slept in… late… past noon.  He’s been in fine form all day and I’m happy to say he is back to 100%.  We’re finished with our anti-biotics, he still has his magic whistle if he needs it and will be headed back to school tomorrow.  He doesn’t get sick often but when he does he goes big.  Here’s hoping it’s another six months before we have to see the doctor again.

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