What A Week!

Thank goodness last weekend was a three day weekend because we needed the good time and relaxation to take us through this week.

Wednesday night I picked Robert up from preschool and they told me he had just registered a 102.5 fever.  Ugh.  One look at him I knew he was sick… his eyes show it big time.  He kept saying he was fine.  I called the doctor’s office and managed to get him in with a doctor we really like at 7pm. 

I had an extended day on Thursday for a donor event and Jim was headed to Joplin.  He was supposed to go down the day after the tornado do do a start up at a manufacturing company there, needless to say they had to reschedule.  The company he was going to start up for survived the tornado and were itching to get this start up done so they could keep their people working… not to mention they manufacture shingles and they are really going to be needed there as the rebuilding begins.  I knew no matter what the doctor said Robert could not go to school on Thursday so I called my Mom.  She had been to the surgeon that afternoon and gotten the drain from her mastectomy removed and a full clearance… good thing because I was calling to say that Robert and I would be out after we got done at the doctor and I needed her to watch him Thursday.  She said to bring it on, she was ready.

We headed to the doctor’s appointment and I was really thinking it was probably just a double ear infection.  Robert never complains about anything and we had had an ear infection about a year before.  Doc took a look at his throat and said he had strep throat.  Then he listened to his lungs.  His back sounded clear but he heard a bit of a rattle in his chest.  He wanted to do a chest x-ray just as a precaution.  Turned out he also had pneumonia in his left lung.  All Robert could keep saying was, “I’m ready to go to grandma’s now”.  We got prescriptions for an antibiotic and an inhaler (since he won’t go into a room with a nebulizer).  Doc told us what to watch with his breathing and to get him to the ER if there were problems.  I dropped the boys at McDonald’s to eat and headed across the road to the pharmacy… they were backed up.  I finally got out of there at 9pm.  We dropped Jim off at home and headed to Mom’s house.  We finally got there after 10 and I got him piled down in bed… where he promptly threw up all over the place… ugh.  I tossed him in a tub and my Mom changed the bed.  We eventually both got to sleep… well he did, I kept waking up every time he would cough.

Morning came and he woke up while I was pressing my clothes.  He was still punky but in a pretty good mood.  I left him piled down on the couch with dolphin pillow and his movies.  He spent the day napping and watching videos with Cousin Donald.  He was at the table for a bit in the kitchen with Mom and she asked him how he was, his response, “I’m happy Grandma”

Jim’s start up went off without a hitch and he was headed back by noon so he picked Robert up and brought him home.  He hates his medicine but we managed to get it down him, thank goodness it was only once a day.  He wasn’t wild about the inhaler but we managed.  I convinced him it was a magic whistle.

Friday he still had fever so he and Daddy stayed home together and I went to work.  Friday night we waffled between fever and no fever.  Saturday he woke up with no fever but after a few hours it was back. 

We had planned to go to my uncle’s on Saturday to watch the Old Shawnee Days parade and then he was going to make home made ice cream.  Those plans got cancelled.  I had a visitation to go to for a friend’s grandmother.  On the way home I stopped at the party store and got a pirate favor kit complete with three gold coins, eye patch and telescope and some pirate tattoos. 

When I got home Robert was in a good mood but still looked tired.  He had a pretty quiet, fever free afternoon and at 7pm climbed into my bed and fell fast asleep.  At 8:45pm he woke up and he was well!  I was trying to change his clothes and he wound up running around the house naked and singing.  We sang, hatched imaginary birds, wrestled and I got lots of kisses.  At 11pm I turned him over to Daddy and went to sleep.

This morning we slept in… late… past noon.  He’s been in fine form all day and I’m happy to say he is back to 100%.  We’re finished with our anti-biotics, he still has his magic whistle if he needs it and will be headed back to school tomorrow.  He doesn’t get sick often but when he does he goes big.  Here’s hoping it’s another six months before we have to see the doctor again.


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