Work At Home Wednesday

One of the “perks” of my job is I have the option of working from home when I need to.  If Robert’s sick I can work at home and not be charged PTO.  Also with the rising cost of gas it’s a tempting proposition.  The problem is it seems like every time I decide to work at home for a day, someone schedules a meeting I need to be at… ugh.  We are super busy right now.  We’ve had a couple of people leave the agency and it creates more work for some of us while the search for new employees continues.  I have a ton of grants due this month and had three that I really wanted off my plate this week.

Yesterday I had a meeting downtown at 1pm.  When it ended I headed home for the day and got to work writing.  I was in the zone… Mel Kitty adding a calming influece to my home work environment.

When Jim and Robert got home I suggested they head to the water park since it’s open until 7pm.  They did… Robert was super happy about that.

Pirate Swimmer 1Pirate Swimmer 2Pirate Swimmer 3

I got two of the grants completely written by 10pm last night.  This morning I got up, took Robert to preschool and then headed to Starbuck’s for a coffee and to do some editing/re-writes.  Got home and emailed the grants into the ED for his comments and got started on the third one. 

It’s so much more productive being at home.  I would be lucky to get one grant done in a day in the office because of constant interruptions… 99% of which don’t involve me, “I can’t find so-and-so, do you know where they are?”, etc.

I got to thinking perhaps Wednesday should be my day to be home… then I looked at my calendar for the next two weeks and realized that wouldn’t be happening.  At least I got a heck of a lot done today… and all before noon!

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