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Thank You Harry Potter

Tonight was the end of an era.  We started on November 16, 2001.  The most turbulent part of my nephew’s life was just beginning and we didn’t even know how much turbulence the next 10 years would bring… but we had Harry Potter through it all. 

When the first movie came out he had read the book.  He had wanted to go.  But his mother had failed to bring him home from her weekend visitation weeks before and it didn’t look like he’d be home.  He came back home on Thursday… my Dad called to tell me he was home and told me I had to take him to the movie the next night, opening night.  So I did.  We were both hooked.  Each movie release we knew we’d be there together on opening day.  Eight movies.  Eight opening days. He was 10 when this started, he turned 20 yesterday.

Tonight, we met for dinner and the movie.  He’s a man now, not a boy.  I’ve watched him grow along with the movies. 

Our first tradition together was going to see Santa at Crown Center.  About the time that was ending, our Harry Potter tradition began.  That ended tonight, we need to find a new tradition because I sure look forward to nights like tonight with my nephew. 


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I’ve seen this type of "Current" list on some people’s blogs and thought it would be a good way to at least get something up on my poor little blog.  A lot of pictures to download but just don’t seem to have time right now.

listening: Jim cooking dinner and the dishwasher running
reading: If You Were Here by Jen Lancaster, I accidentally left it at Mom’s a few weeks ago and just retrieved it… I haven’t had a lot of time to read for pleasure lately so it’s a page here and there
watching: nothing!  I discovered the projector lamp had gone out on the TV when I got home so I got a new one ordered.  No TV in the living room for a few days.
eating: steak, corn on the cob and baked potato as soon as they are ready
drinking: nothing… getting ready to fix a drink. I’m waffling between a diet cherry Dr. Pepper or a strawberry margarita… since I have grants to review/edit tonight I better opt for the Dr. Pepper
wearing: sleep shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt.  It’s 105 degrees right now so as little as possible!
feeling: a little overwhelmed by work, anxious for a meeting tomorrow and physically sore.  I’ve done something to my shoulder and it’s bad enough I actually made a doctor’s appointment, of course, I really can’t miss any work right now so I have to wait a week to get in with Doc next Monday night.  Thank goodness for late hours.
weather: 105 degrees and just plain miserably hot!
playing: Words With Friends on the iPad
wanting: A full night’s uninterrupted sleep!
needing: to vacuum the living room thanks to the ever shedding dog.  Seriously, is she ever going to quit shedding!
waiting:for the new TV lamp.
enjoying: Robert happily entertaining himself with the MacBook at night when I bring work home.
thankful: for a great job that even when it’s stressful is cool.  I work with some really good people who are easy to get along and work with.  And for Jim, who doesn’t complain when I come home and say, “I just need to write/edit/research this, could you please _____________(fill in with whatever chore needs to be accomplished)

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