Thank You Harry Potter

Tonight was the end of an era.  We started on November 16, 2001.  The most turbulent part of my nephew’s life was just beginning and we didn’t even know how much turbulence the next 10 years would bring… but we had Harry Potter through it all. 

When the first movie came out he had read the book.  He had wanted to go.  But his mother had failed to bring him home from her weekend visitation weeks before and it didn’t look like he’d be home.  He came back home on Thursday… my Dad called to tell me he was home and told me I had to take him to the movie the next night, opening night.  So I did.  We were both hooked.  Each movie release we knew we’d be there together on opening day.  Eight movies.  Eight opening days. He was 10 when this started, he turned 20 yesterday.

Tonight, we met for dinner and the movie.  He’s a man now, not a boy.  I’ve watched him grow along with the movies. 

Our first tradition together was going to see Santa at Crown Center.  About the time that was ending, our Harry Potter tradition began.  That ended tonight, we need to find a new tradition because I sure look forward to nights like tonight with my nephew. 


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