My Soccer Player

Robert had his first soccer practice last night.  It was pretty darn cute.  Looked a lot like herding cats.  He did pretty good with all the drills when he was the participant, the rest of the time he kind of wanted to do his own thing.  They do three practices and then three games so it’s only six sessions.  I’m hoping he sticks with it.  Mid-way through last night he said he was ready to go home, then they’d change drills and he’d get back into it.  There are 12 kids on his team and one coach who seems pretty overwhelmed by it all.  All the parents sort of help out with their own kid… organized chaos.FP1

He was so excited when we finally got to the field.FP2

First time on the field!


I got a ball!


Driving the net!FP7FP8FP9FP10

I loved being goalie.FP11FP12FP13FP14FP15

Listening to coach during the team meeting.FP16FP17

This IS my game face!


OK… is this better?


High five from Coach Matt.FP22FP23FP24FP25

Dribbling is fun!FP26

So is running!FP27

Work is so incredibly busy right now it is insane.  I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.  The state came out with emergency services grants and we get one through the city and one through the county.  We got the grant Friday and it’s due this Thursday… ack!  That doesn’t take in to account that we have another grant due this week along with our monthly e-newsletter.  I am going to be soooo ready for Saturday!


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