Don’t Mess With Mama Bear

So, we show up to soccer practice tonight and they’ve decided to add another team (it’s the third practice and the last one before games).  Robert was reassigned to another team… the Dinosaurs.  He was really inattentive and belligerent all practice and kept saying/whining he wanted to go home.  We had lots of tears but I kept telling him to stick with it.  The new coach was not really good.  I don’t even know his name.  When we left Robert took his jersey off and said, “Give this to the coach.”

When bedtime came we got to the root of the problem.  The flood gates opened and my little guy told me that “the Pirates don’t like me and Coach Matt doesn’t like me”.  He didn’t understand what happened tonight so in his mind he wasn’t playing with the kids he usually did because they didn’t like him anymore.  I was pissed.  This league has been highly disorganized from the get go and now it was ripping my kids self-esteem apart.  I shot off an email to the director (who doesn’t work Wednesday nights).  I told him we’d stick with the Dinosaurs  for the games (because I think it would do more harm than good to try to switch Robert back) but that I was super disappointed that the Y didn’t realize that at this age routine is so very important.  Hopefully between now and Monday I can build up being a Dinosaur and he’ll get into playing the games since the drills are getting a bit boring and we’ll get through the season in tact.  I’m on the fence on whether or not we’ll try basketball through the Y or look for a different league… a lot depends on how they respond to my email.


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