Warning… there are WAY too many pictures in this post.

Well, the athletic director from the Y replied perfectly to my email and he wanted Robert put back on the team that he was comfortable on… so we were back to being pirates.  When I got home that night and told Robert he jumped into my arms and said, “Thank you Mama!”  Little did I know how much it really meant to him.

Jim was in Amarillo last week so he missed the first game and the practice/picture night.  The first game was an adventure.  Robert didn’t understand that when they play a game there is only one ball and they all chase it.  When he finally got that, he had a really good time.

He started out pretty pysched about being goalie.FSG8FSG9

It soon became apparent the only way he would succeed as goalie is if they put a rear view mirror on it… but he was super entertaining… and in his defense, no balls got past him (or near him).FSG10FSG11FSG12FSG13FSG14

Tonight was his second game.  It took a lot of coaxing to get him to go to the game but once he got there he was in it.
If high fives are good… hugs should be better…

He was pretty aggressive at times and we had to have him tone down the hips and elbows a bit.  He and a girl from the other team tussled a bit.  At one point in the game he came running over to me (taking pictures in the end zone) and I told him the ball was the other way and he said, “I know Momma but I need to give you a hug.”  My heart melted, I hugged him and sent him on his way.

Since pictures were late they have their last game this Wednesday and I’m bummed that I can’t be there but I had a prior commitment.  I’m sure Daddy will give me a full report when I get home.


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