The Results Are In…

The results from my Mom’s tests are in.  It’s not the worst case scenario… it’s the second worst case scenario.  Stage three squamous cell lung cancer.  It’s what I was expecting but I was surprised how much the words still pierced my skin when he said them.  It’s not good.  It’s inoperable and incurable.  It IS treatable.  There is HOPE that we can get her to remission with a combination of radiation and chemotherapy.  She will go tomorrow to be evaluated to see if they think that she will be able to physically tolerate the treatment.  The doctor gave no indication life-expectancy but the statistics are grim… even with treatment.  He did recognize that she is a fighter, and she is in full fight mode.

I was brave in the doctor’s office.  I cried my eyes out the minute I was locked safely in my Jeep… but then I had a meeting to go to, and a grant to deliver.  Life is not stopping because of this… I’ll settle right now for having it slow a bit.  We will know more tomorrow.  I’m not ready, but I haven’t been given a choice.


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