Must Be Doing Something Right

If you ask Robert what he wants for Christmas he will tell you, “A rocket ship and Legos.”  This has been his standard response for over three weeks now so I think it’s safe to say this is what he really wants.  Specifically, he wants THIS rocket ship.

Buzz Lightyear Ship

It has five action figures that coordinate with it too: Space Buzz, Space Woody, Space Rex, Zurg and a Zurgbot.

Last week I decided to go ahead and order them when I was itching to start my holiday shopping.  Today I figured out how happy I am that I did.  The rocket ship has jumped from $40 to $80.  The action figures are holding steady on price with the exception of Space Woody who has doubled in price.  I’m so glad that my boxes came Friday and they are all sitting safely in my basement waiting to be wrapped.

My Mom is going to give him the spaceship because I think she should give him his favorite gift this year.

I also scored a couple of Lego sets at Toys R Us’ buy one get one half off sale.  A new sled and Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots because I think they look like fun.

Today we went to Crown Center to try to get a photo for our Christmas Card since my other plans didn’t pan out this year.  The line for Santa was short so we decided to kill two birds with one stone.  Robert was super excited to get to see Santa in person.  He also thought that after he told Santa what he wanted he’d be able to pick it up (ooops!)

Santas Lap


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