May The Force Be With Us

Santa Yoda

Robert is in love with Star Wars right now so I got him the Star Wars Lego Advent calendar.  Of course, he wanted to open all 24 of the boxes at once.  I finally convinced him that we only open one a day.  We were trying to do the boxes in order but that has already flown out the window so we’ve settled for one box a day of his choosing.  The first one he opened was Santa Yoda.  Santa Yoda has sort of become my holiday mascot.  “Slow down you will!  Feel the force!”

Sunday we went to  a Christmas and Dessert Auction for one of our offices.  They had a cake in the shape of the Death Star and Robert fell in love with it.  So we took a chance and bid on it.  And we won!  He was thrilled.  It was not the most delicious cake I’ve ever had but it thrilled my little guy so it was worth it.  I tried to get him to yell, “Yuuup!” in the auction and he wouldn’t so I had to settle for me raising his arm for him.



After enduring the first five weeks of her six week treatment course with minimal discomfort and complication week six is here and the wheels have fallen off the bus.  Yesterday was supposed to be Mom’s last chemo appointment but when she got there she was too weak and her numbers so low she was not able to do it.  She also opted to skip her radiation treatment and come home.  She lost 10 pounds last week and didn’t have ten pounds to lose.  Nothing tastes good and it’s hard to swallow.  Her hair is thinning quickly and she’s a bit miffed that apparently the brown hair is falling out quicker than the gray.

My poor nephew was beside himself yesterday.  It’s not easy for him to see my Mom sick… especially this sick.  He couldn’t get her to eat and that was frustrating him to no end.  This morning he texted to tell me she had decided to skip radiation again.  So, tonight after work instead of going home I headed to Mom’s for the night.  I stopped at the grocery store and got a wide selection of soft foods and a huge jug of protein powder.  I explained to her that I can’t make it easier to eat but at least this way we can put extra calories in what she does eat so that it will count double.

I’ve been able to do a few light chores for her and look at the air compressor for my nephew and ascertain the tire chuck has gone missing so I ordered another one.  He’s having tire troubles.  Truth is he needs new tires.  That’ll run about $500.  I don’t have an extra $500 so I got some stuff out of Mom’s basement I’ve been saving… keeping my fingers crossed that I can work some ebay magic for a little Christmas miracle for the kid.  He’s trying hard to get a job and I’m fearful at this point he might have a blow out on the way to put in applications.  Last thing we need is for him to get hurt.  He’s under so much stress right now.  He’s only 20 and he so tender hearted.  Seeing my Mom like this is tough on him but he’s really stepping up.  I know she is a difficult patient and can be downright mean and not even realize it.

I told my nephew I’d come out Saturday night and he could go hang out with friends and have some time away.  And gave him money for gas and a little pocket money.  He’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a home health nurse and the fact he is here means I can still work for now.  If Mom is doing better I’ll be back home tomorrow night.  Worst case I’ll start splitting my time between here and home one night here and one night home.  Luckily Jim is in town the rest of the year.  And if we can get this last chemo done next Monday and wrap up the radiation Thursday then Mom should start to get some of her strength back.

Luckily Robert’s Christmas is all purchased, wrapped and stashed in the basement.  99% of the rest of my shopping is done also.  I’m hoping that Friday night/Saturday we can get the tree and stockings up and maybe even get some holiday baking done.  Just having to play it by ear. 

I had hoped to get out of town for a quick weekend before Christmas but it’s not going to happen.  With work commitments it’s just not possible this year.  Jim and I are both on vacation from the 22nd through the first of the year.  The 22nd and 23rd Robert will be in preschool so I’m hoping we can plan some fun together time and do lunch, etc. 


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