From the Oh Crap Annals

The past two weeks have just plain sucked.  A week ago we had to put Mom in the hospital with pneumonia.  They sent her to the ER from her radiation appointment when she was too weak to do the treatment.  I was relieved to find out it was just pneumonia.  That can be cured with anti-biotic.  She only weighed 106 pounds when we checked her in.  She’s 5’7” tall.  She wound up being in the hospital for five days in Blue Springs… about 20 minutes from my office in the wrong direction.  It was a long five days for me to say the least.  She had days where she just wasn’t tracking well and I was worried we were losing ground.  We thought she was going to come home on Saturday but then she started having cardiac issues and her stay got extended.  Luckily they think they can control that with medication and she finally got home on Sunday.

It’s our busiest time of the year at work.  With five Christmas Stores for clients starting this week and trying to get all the year end reporting done before my vacation starts next Thursday coupled with more media interviews to set up and events that start before work and go past quitting time.  On top of everything else our  Executive Director resigned today. I am very saddened by the news.  He is a good man.  Board members will be on site tomorrow morning in order to communicate with us what the current plan going forward is.  There is always great fear when there is a change in leadership.  Especially in a position like mine.  A lot of times the new Executive Director will have Development people they would like to work with and it’s not uncommon for a complete turnover of the Development Staff within six months of the hiring of a new Executive Director… yee ha.  Nobody likes change.  Nobody likes uncertainty.  There are also some potential PR nightmares… so happy I am in charge of PR too… NOT!  So the next few weeks should be interesting to say the least.

Four more work days until vacation… four more work days until vacation… four more work days until vacation…


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