It Really Was Divine

One of the December Daily photo prompts was something divine.  I’m terribly behind on the whole project but I did have one for that prompt.  It’s this…

Mom was worried about how Robert was going to react to her new hair cut.  His reaction, he didn’t.  All he saw was Grandma, his favorite person.  This is within five minutes of us getting there.  He is showing her all of his Star Wars Legos.  I love that he never noticed she’s bald.  I also love that she could care less about Star Wars Legos but she listened so intently as he rambled on about each one and what they were and what they did.

Sunday I put a few “test presents” under the tree.  Robert really wanted to open them but has done pretty good about it.  Monday night he went over and stood by the tree and said, “I wonder which one I’m going to open first?”  I told him we’d find out in six days and he gave me a look that indicated Mama is a real Grinch.

Mom had her final chemo on Monday.  That is my Christmas present.  I baked cookies and reindeer bark for the staff at the doctor’s office.  I hear it got rave reviews.  Mom said that it was so nice of me to think of doing that and I told her I learned from her.  When my Dad was in the hospital she always had bags of gourmet candies in her bag to give to nurses, doctors and the cleaning staff.  Her go to was generally chocolate pastel cherries in a bag tied with a gold cord bow.  She doesn’t remember… I do.  Always treat the people with the needles nice Smile

I had two people left on my list to get something for and both were super hard to buy for so we headed to Stuff on Tuesday night to knock them out.  I got the perfect gift for both people and was so relieved to be done!  I love that every time I’ve been in there I’ve heard one or both of the owners personally thank customers for coming in… and they gift wrap!  Whoo hoo!

On the way to Stuff in the car Robert there was some interesting conversation:
Robert:  Mama, you’re my best friend!
Me:  You’re my best friend too!
Jim:  Who is my best friend?
Robert:  It’s not me!!!
Luckily Jim’s ego is in tact and we both cracked up.

When we were driving through the Plaza I said to Robert, “Look at the lights”  His response, “They did a good job!”  Um, he’s four!

Got everything done I had on my list at the office by quitting time Wednesday.  I’m officially on 12 days of much needed vacation.  Of course, I’m still answering emails and there’s already a crisis with a report that I’ve never done in the past but has to be done by Tuesday.  The person who usually does it is in Mexico so I have a feeling I’ll be running to the office Tuesday morning to take care of things.  Everyone who works on the grant it’s for is on vacation… oh what fun.

Jim was off Wednesday and stayed home to take care of some cleaning so we could have a few days of just us while Robert is in school.  Today we did some shopping (one of use had not started yet… it’s always so much fun shopping with someone when they’re shopping for you… ugh!)  I made a reservation for us at Julian in Brookside because Jim really likes to go there and it’s a more adult restaurant so it’s easier to go without Robert.

Tomorrow we’re doing some errands and getting groceries for Christmas Eve dinner at Mom’s house.  I told her we’d just bring everything so it would be easier.  She is starting to get some taste back and really looking forward to Jim’s chicken liver pâté.  I think we’re going to do brisket, potato casserole and corn soufflé.  All things my nephew really likes.  Oh yeah… a plate of cookies for dessert and some other snacky stuff for the afternoon.   She’s getting stronger.  She still wears out pretty easy and her immune system is shot so we have to be careful about germ exposure but her attitude is really good.

Mom wanted a mail box for Christmas so we installed that last week. We put four new tired on my nephew’s Explorer last week so that’s pretty much his Christmas so Robert’s going to be the only one with anything to open.  I don’t like that.  I’m going to pick up a couple of small things for him to give Grandma and Donald tomorrow.  I want him to realize it’s just as important to give as it is to receive.  We’ll probably get The Help DVD for Mom and I don’t know what for Donald.  I texted him that I need some ideas from him by 10am tomorrow.

We had dinner with my uncle and the girlfriend tonight.  He has changed so much this year.  It really feels like I don’t know him anymore.  I miss my aunt so much and it feels like I’ve lost them both.  I have been trying to keep an open mind so that Robert doesn’t lose the relationship but quite frankly my uncle seems to be attached at the hip to this woman and doesn’t interact with Robert like he used to. 

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