Christmas Recap

Friday morning Jim and I did our last little bit of Christmas shopping.  We got The Help DVD for my Mom and finally got a text from my nephew about a book he’d like.  We also found out that he had never seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation so we picked up a copy of that too since he HAD to watch it.

Christmas Eve we always go out to my Mom’s house.  In normal years it consists of opening gifts, going to church and then home for a prime rib dinner.  This is not a normal year but we managed to do pretty well.  I took all the food out and was determined to take things that Mom would like to eat.  We took shrimp cocktail (to toast my aunt, shrimp was her favorite), spinach artichoke dip, chicken liver pate (Jim makes it and Mom really likes it… blech), four types of cookies including Mom’s absolute favorites that she refuses to share with anyone, beef stick and cheeses to nosh on during the day.  For dinner we took brisket, potato casserole and corn soufflé. 

We got there about 11am and after everything was unloaded (the Jeep was packed between the gifts and the food and the TV we were taking out since Mom’s crapped out) we decided to open gifts.  Everyone loved their gifts.  Mom got Robert the Toy Story Rocket Ship and Donald gave him the five companion action figures so he was thrilled.  We noshed all day long (Mom ate a lot!)  We watched Christmas Vacation and Mom even got in a nap. 

Mom played Star Wars a bit with Robert and we even had a good old fashioned dominoes game after dinner.  All in all it was a good day.  I think it wore Mom out a bit but she did pretty well overall.  We also left her refrigerator fully stocked for she and Donald.


Christmas Eve it took FOREVER to get Robert to go to sleep.  He was up past midnight.  I kept telling him Santa couldn’t come if he was awake.  I actually wound up falling asleep but luckily woke up at 4am so I could make sure that Santa had made it.

When he woke up Christmas morning we told him Santa had come.  Of course, the first thing he did was grab his “blaster” to go check it out.  He was delighted with his presents… a whole lot of Star Wars, Legos, Toy Story 3 and Cars 2… with Rock Em Sock Em Robots thrown in because Mommy thought it would be fun.  The rest of the day was spent playing with toys, playing the Wii and generally relaxing.  In the midst of playing I did get a big hug and “thank you for my presents Mama!”  I love this kiddo.


It was a good Christmas Day but it was also a bit empty.  The usual the past few years has been that everyone comes over to our house in the afternoon.  With Mom too sick to come this year and my aunt gone we skipped that part.  I still stand by our decision to not leave the house on Christmas Day.  It’s something my Mom started when I was 7ish… she said it was ridiculous to get a bunch of presents Christmas morning and then be shuttled off to other places and not have a chance to play.  We would go anywhere and everywhere the days/weekends before and after but Christmas Day we were always home.

I miss my aunt so much right now it phsycally hurts.  She would have loved to watch Robert this year.  I still think, “I need to call her and tell her what Robert said…” but I can’t.  And I’m clinging to the fact that I can still call my Mom and tell her.


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