Bring on the New

New Year… time to start new things, right?  Last year I tried the New 52 challenge – do something new every week for a year… didn’t pan out.  But that is not deterring me.  This year I have three projects…

Project 365… take a picture a day and tell the story of your year.  I’m using Cathy Zielske’s 52 Weeks digital layouts for the project.  Proud to say, it’s January 2nd and I’m on track!  Whoo hooo!  Check back the 22nd and see how it’s going. 

Speaking of Cathy Zielske, I have been following her Move More Eat Well on her blog for the past year and have been impressed.  She is offering the program as a class at Big Picture Classes so I signed up for that too.  Note to self: buy a battery for the scale tomorrow.  Jim and I are both needing (and trying to want) to get in better shape.  Let’s face it, Robert isn’t slowing down any as he ages and we’re old to begin with so it’s going to be really important for us to get in shape to keep up with him… oh yeah, and to live long enough that he can support us in our old age. 

We spent tonight discussing breakfast/lunch options.  That will also help with our goal of saving some money.  I spend an average of $4.50 a day on breakfast and $10 on lunch during the week.  That’s nearly $75 a week on crappy food… on $3,900 a year – that’s a trip for the three of us to Disney for a week folks… and that’s just me.  Add in Jim and you double that.  So, not only is it making me fat, it’s making me poor too.  Two really good reasons to make a change.  I need to get back to Sunday being my cooking day for the week because it is a pain to try to do a meal every night when we both work and things are crazy at work.  I’m also looking at using the crock pot a whole lot more.  I signed up for the meal planning tools at to see if that would help any…. especially with making the grocery list.  We shall see.

We’re still working on the Move More part of the plan.  Gym memberships just don’t work for us.  All they do is drain our budget.  Walking is one of the best exercises and it’s free.  We have a fairly deserted indoor mall five minutes from the house for inclement weather.  The big thing is figuring out can we walk together with Robert or do we need to trade off.  When the weather is nice I’d like to just walk down the big hill we live on and back up with Harley.  Lord knows she needs the exercise to help burn off all her puppy energy… she’s five and still acts like a six month old pup (that’s a Lab for you).  The big thing is just getting off our illustrious duffs and doing it.  We also have the Wii Fit that we need to put to good use.  I think Robert might have fun doing some of that with us.

My “one little word” for the year is going to be NURTURE but that’s going to have to be a whole post of its own.

Other various goals… help Robert learn his letters.  He can sing the ABCs but has some trouble with letter recognition.  We are also wanting to carve out more reading time as a family.  Whether it’s Jim and I reading and Robert doing an ebook on the iPad or LeapPad or one of us reading to him.  I want him to have a love of reading and books.


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