OLW 2012

65-Nurture Yourself
Verb: Care for and encourage the growth or development of

There we have it… my One Little Word for 2012… NURTURE.  There are so many things I want to nurture this year… chief among them, myself.  I’m really bad about self care.  I will go and go until I hit a wall… and that usually culminates in me sleeping for 20 hours straight and waking up feeling hung over.  I want to take time to have some “down time” and to also spend time pursuing hobbies I enjoy.

I want to nurture my son.  There are days when I feel like I’m so busy with what “has to be done” that I forget he’s the most important.  He’s growing up way too fast.  He’s funny and smart and he says I’m’ his best friend Smile  I want to plan some time for just the two of us… fun days, not the just the two of us time that is forced because Daddy is out of town.

I want to nurture my relationship with Jim.  We’re going 90 miles an hour right now and on days when I’m putting Robert aside I’m also putting Jim aside, but probably even more so since Robert can get pretty demanding of his Mommy Time.  We need to work on carving some time out for ourselves, even if it’s just when Robert is engrossed in playing.

I want to nurture relationships with my friends.  I want to go out to coffee/lunch more and really connect instead of just keeping up with so many of them on Facebook.  I want summer bar-b-ques.

I want to nurture my relationship with my Mom.  Time is a very precious commodity with her right now and I want to make sure that every opportunity we have to connect outside of doctors visits we take.

I want to nurture my mind, body and spirit.  We test drove a new church last Sunday that is closer to our house.  I love our other church but it falls in the “geographically undesirable” category right now.  The new church was very welcoming and we liked the layout of the service and I really like that it’s more like a neighborhood church where we will have opportunities to get involved as a family.  Attending services in great but, for me, faith and religion are verbs, not nouns.

OK 2012… bring it… I’m ready to nurture in the new year.


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