And All of a Sudden… Everything Changed

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Wow… it has been a whirlwind year.  At the end of last year the Executive Director of the agency I work for resigned.  Things have been pretty miserable since with some decisions being made that were severely affecting me doing my job.

A few weeks ago after a Soroptimist board meeting I was bitching talking to a few of my friends about how things were and one of them said, we’re hiring a Director of Development.  I know the Executive Director at the agency pretty well and think that she would be great to work with.  Not easy, but still pretty cool.  I came home and looked up the job.  It was everything I was wanting but a small nagging feeling was holding me back… taking this position would put me 20 minutes further away from Mom’s doctors offices.  I decided to sleep on it and woke up with a tiny voice in my head saying she would kill me if she ever found out that I passed up an opportunity because of her.  So, I sent off my resume.

That afternoon the Exec. Director called and asked if I realized I had sent her my resume, when I assured her I did and I was serious she said we needed to set up an interview.  The interview was the following Monday and on Tuesday I got a call with a job offer… they offered $10K more than I asked for, that made the decision pretty easy Smile.

So, I resigned.  They took it OK.  I have three more days and then I’m done.  I have been busy filing any reports that are due between now and the end of the year if we have expended all the money.  There are several people I will miss (and a few I won’t).  It is a good move for me, no one can deny that.

Last Thursday Mom called to say her radiation oncologist wanted to see her Friday.  She had a scan a week ago and was scheduled to see her regular oncologist this coming Wednesday.  I immediately got a knot in my stomach.  I was bracing for the worst when we went in Friday.  Turns out her scans were great.  Everything looks stable for now.  The tumors have shrunk and they see nothing that is causing them concern.  No more treatment for now and no scans for two more months.  We were all so relieved.

Today my Aunt Sue took the entire family out to dinner.  It was so nice.  Talking, laughing and enjoying everyone’s company without a cloud of worry hanging over us.  At one point Robert went over and whispered in Sue’s ear, “I love you”.  She absolutely melted.  We don’t get to see them a lot and I really cherish the times we have.

Life is good… let’s hope we’re on a roll!


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