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Hello Summer!

Summer is officially here and we are so ready for it!  For us, summer is exploring and being out and about.  May and June are nice because usually the weather is not oppressively hot yet.

A few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon we headed out to Oak Park Mall to check out the new Lego store since Robert is fascinated with Legos.  It was awesome.  Every size, shape, color and collection of Legos you could imagine.  We picked up a new kit and some odds and ends pieces.  Robert was thrilled, it’s his new favorite store!

robert lego storerobert legos

We’ve had our first trip to World’s of Fun.  Robert still loves the big rides that go fast the best.  So happy he is finally tall enough to ride one of the big roller coasters.  And would happily ride it over and over and over.
robert spinning dragons

He’s also been helping me in the kitchen.  We made a cake together.
robert eggs

Memorial Day weekend was all about friends and family.  On Saturday, our friends Scott and Amy got married in a lovely outdoor ceremony.  It was a casual wedding and had a bit of a Hawaiian theme to it.  Amy was a beautiful bride.

amy wedding

Robert enjoyed playing on the large rock that was by the shelter.  To him, it became a space ship.

robert rock

It was warm out so Robert and Clark decided to cool off in the misters.

clark robert sprayer

After the wedding we headed out to my friend Gail’s house for an evening of BBQ and swimming.  They had ribs and chicken and all the sides.  It was delicious.  Robert loved the pool and steadily got more used to the water as the night went on.  He starts swimming lessons next week.

robert swimming

After swimming Steve started a fire with Robert’s supervision and we had s’mores.  Robert decided he did not like s’mores.

robert fire starterrobert smore

We sat by the fire talking and having a great time.  Robert went to sleep.

robert crashed

He woke up when we were leaving and told Gail, “We’ll be back tomorrow”.

On Sunday it was “Tongues of Fire” in the entryway in celebration of Pentecost.  Robert thought the streamers were really cool.

robert tongues of fire

After church we headed to Little Monkey Business so Robert could play for a bit.  We had the place to ourselves.

robert monkey businessrobert painting

Afterwards we headed to the cemetery to take flowers to my Aunt’s grave.

Monday we headed out to Odessa to see Mom and go to the cemetery there.  It was a great day of hanging out with Mom and laughing.  She fixed a big lunch and we all were stuffed.  Robert and Attila got to play together which made both of them very happy.  Robert tried to get Attila to watch Pocoyo with him on the iPad but the dog was not real interested.

After all the fun this weekend it was tough to get going back to the real world Tuesday.  Robert slept through Jim dressing him.  We had to carry him to the car and he immediately curled up on the floor when they got to preschool.

robert tuesday

The short week has really screwed me up.  I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Monday and all day today thinking it was Thursday.  Maybe this weekend we can get things back on track.


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Mother’s Day Weekend

We had an awesome family weekend which was really nice after Jim spent the week on the road.

Friday night I was on a quest for a new cell phone.  After finding Verizon unwilling to work with me on a new plan I took my 12 years of business with them to Sprint.  I’ve talked to a lot of friends who think really feel that Sprint’s service has improved and they have some great prices.  A short time later, I had a new iPhone 4S and was in love with it.  We celebrated with some ice cream for Robert.
Robert Ice Cream

Saturday was errands, errands, errands!  We started out at City Market for some fresh veggies. 


We stopped at a new-ish Mexican restaurant and had the worst lunch ever.  We won’t be going back there… but I did snap this photo of Jim (loving the better quality camera phone and instagram!)


Then it was on to Petsmart for cat food.  Robert saw the fish and fell in love… so, we purchased Boba Fett the Beta Fish.  Robert is in love.

Finally we headed to the grocery store.  Apparently Robert picked up on haggling at the City Market because he stood there while the HyVee clerk rang up our purchase and with each item she scanned he would say, “that’s too much!”  I was cracking up.

At bedtime, Robert had to tell Boba Fett goodnight.  He was also overheard singing to him.  He declared, “Boba is happy.  He likes his new home!”
Good Night Fish

Sunday the boys woke me up with a platter of homemade flowers, donuts and my Mother’s Day gifts.

Mother's Day Morning

Robert got me this fabulous necklace.  One charm has a stamped “r” on it and the other is his thumb print.  I love it.  It’s perfect.

Mother's Day Gift

Jim cooked me a fabulous steak lunch.  Robert entertained me with Star Wars Legos and we had an awesome afternoon.


I’m so lucky to be his Mom.

Mother's Day

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