Almost Christmas

Two days until Christmas.  I think we’re going to make it.  Of course, it’s not going to be without a few hitches.  Jim came home from his latest trip with what we think is a sprained ankle.  Except it’s getting worse instead of better.  We’ve had him in an air brace for two days now and added crutches today.  I’m hoping he can get in to the doctor’s office tomorrow morning.  We will see.  Of course, I had planned on running to my office for a few hours in the morning to see the kids Christmas program and take some pictures.  The good thing is we can drop Robert off at the preschool for a few hours and needed to go there anyway since he wasn’t there all last week and we have the teacher gifts to deliver.  Luckily we’re not expected at Mom’s until late afternoon so we aren’t working under a huge time constraint.  But that time could be used here putting together train tables and straightening up the living room… again… so that it’s not a mess for pictures Christmas morning.  It will all get done though, or it won’t… we’ll be together and that’s what’s important.

We took Mom’s gift to her a few weeks ago.  She needed a new TV so we decided at Thanksgiving we would get her that this year.  I can’t believe how much TV’s have dropped in price!  Of course, there was some assembly required and it was incredibly entertaining watching Robert “supervise” Jim.


Last week was one for the books.  Jim was out of town all week.  Federal grants were due and I had a Christmas party Wednesday night.  Mom volunteered to help.  The plan was that Jim would take Harley to the kennel Monday morning so that I didn’t have to worry about her all week.  Tuesday night Robert and I would go to Mom’s and I’d spend the night there Tuesday and Wednesday after my party.  Jim would pick Robert up on his way home Thursday.  Well, Monday night Robert found out Harley wasn’t going to be home so he decided he wanted to go to Grandma’s a night early.  I called her and she said it was fine.  So, out to Mom’s we moved for the week.  The only downfall is it’s a 45 minute commute for me one way, as opposed to my usual 15 minute commute.  But it worked out and Mom had a great time with Robert and vice versa.  They’ve never had that much time together.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate.  Wednesday night we got snow and ice.  Work was cancelled.  If I had been home I probably could have made it to the office.  As it was, Robert and I left Mom’s at 2 and didn’t get home until 3:30… twice as long as it should have taken.

Robert sang in the Christmas cantata at church today.  I was so happy my Mom was able to come see it.  This is the first thing that Robert has done that she’s been well enough to come see.  He did a good job.  He also managed to keep his hands to his side instead of doing ninja moves.


Last night Robert told me he wanted to get a cat.  I told him we have a cat.  He told me Mel Kitty was my cat and he doesn’t like Robert (which is true).  I told him it’s because he is a ninja and most cats are scared of ninjas.  Today I surprised him by taking him to an animal adoption to see if we could find a cat that was not afraid of ninjas.  Met Rocky (formerly known as Hemmingway).  He was perfectly happy to let Robert pet him and sit in his lap.

Rocky is slowly getting acclimated to the rest of the crew.  He and Harley were fine at first and now are trying to figure out how to act around each other.  Mel Kitty has absolutely no interest in being nice to Rocky at all.  Rocky would really like to curl up with Mel.  We’re keeping everyone pretty separated for now and slowly introducing them.  Rocky has gotten Robert to sleep in his own bed, in hopes that Rocky will come out from under the bed and sleep with him.

We were assigned to bring cookies to Mom’s tomorrow night.  Robert helped me make cookies tonight.  He really got into adding flour to the roll out cookies… the kitchen looks like we had a huge cocaine party.  I’ll clean it up in the morning, I’m too tired tonight.  Trust me when I say flour was everywhere… just look closely at Robert’s face.



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