Merry Christmas!

It was a Merry Christmas.  A day spent at home, just the three of us.  When I was little my Mom instituted a rule finally that we didn’t leave the house on Christmas Day.  We would go anywhere the weekends/days leading up or afterwards but she always thought it was silly for my brother and I to get a lot of new toys and then have to run off somewhere and not have a chance to play with them.  We instituted the same rule when Robert came along.  Anyone is welcome to come over but we don’t leave.  Since Mom came into the city to go to church with us on Sunday and we were out there Monday, she opted not to come into town on Christmas Day.  And that was OK.  We needed some time just the three of us.

Robert isn’t to the stage yet where he gets up early on Christmas Day so I actually got to sleep in until 9am.  Merry Christmas to me.  Finally a little before 10am Robert started to stir.  I told him Santa had come.

Robert – Is it Christmas Day?
Me – Yes
Robert – Whew… I made it! (I didn’t realize he was sweating it)

We exchanged gifts.  I got a beautiful “Chicago Band Ring” from my favorite store from Robert.  He was so sweet when he gave it to me.  I love the series of pictures Jim got.


Robert was thrilled with his gifts.  His wish list has remained steady since October:
1.  Lego City Police Station
2.  Rescue Bots Fire Station
3.  Ninjago

Each present he opened he would exclaim, “It’s just what I wanted!”  He also got a new tent building kit, some action figures, a new Wii game from a family friend.  Santa also brought us a new Wii since ours decided to shoot craps last month. 


Daddy got a new Mickey Mouse pen for his pen collection from Robert.  Robert loves giving as much as receiving.  He was so proud of his gifts.


Robert insisted on passing out gifts even though some were bigger than him.  Luckily anything breakable was well packaged Smile

After all the upstairs gifts were opened we told Robert that Santa had left him a special gift downstairs.
He was thrilled with his new train table and I’m sure it’s going to get hours of enjoyment.  Hopefully next weekend he and Daddy can take the train from his room downstairs and build one great big track.

Jim was thrilled with his new Kindle and happily spent the rest of the morning tranferring stuff from his old Kindle that will be passed down to Robert so hopefully I can have my iPad back!

Jim also got an Art of Shaving kit, new lunchbox and thermos, cologne and some wireless headphones.

I was so blessed this year.  I got a purse I’ve been wanting for a few years, a new cake pedestal and dome, new spatulas and a bread machine… can’t wait to break that in this weekend.  Home made egg bread here we come!

I spent the rest of the morning building the Lego kits for Robert.  He was so excited.  In the meantime he played with his new Rescue Bots fire station.




He took a short break from playing to cuddle with Rocky.  Rocky is hanging in there and getting the lay of the land.  Harley would really like to play with him.  Mel would really like him to just disappear.  I’m amazed at how good Rocky is with Robert.  He will sit on his lap for the longest time and just let Robert hold and pet him.  He also sleeps with him at night… which is making it a bit easier to get Robert to bed.


Later on in the evening we got the new Wii hooked up and Robert worked on learning his new game.


I even had a chance to read a whole book.  It was a good day complete with hugs and cuddles and cookies.  We are blessed beyond belief.  Today was back to work for me (I’m not used to that!) and back to school for Robert.  Jim has taken the week off as usual and is taking care of some projects around the house and resting up from his travel earlier this month.


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