World’s Most Patient Cat

Rocky has been with us a week and Robert is more than just a bit smitten with him.  He is so in love with this cat.  And Rocky is soooo patient.  He is very content to sit on Robert’s lap and be petted and sang to and cuddled and poked and prodded.  He sleeps with Robert in his bed.  Occasionally he will go under the bed for a bit when he’s had enough and Robert is realizing that sometimes a cat just needs to be alone for a bit.

Last night I heard noise coming from Robert’s room. Luckily the camera was nearby so I grabbed it to go see what was happening and captured this. He is singing Rocky his version of a lullaby I used to sing to him. And I believe he is singing in the key of R.  (Poor Robert, so far it looks like he got all of him mommy’s musical abilities).

Robert singing to Rocky

Just before Christmas we purchased a new camera.  We chose the Canon Rebel T3i.  The two features I love the most are the large, swivel, review screen that let you see what you are shooting from either side of the camera and the fact that it has built in video capability.  I’m really hoping to learn more about how to use the camera this year and am even thinking about taking a class so that I can do more with it.

I’m hoping to do a Project Life this year as well as a Photo A Day using the prompts from fatmumslim.  The Photo A Day I’m going to try to do with the iPhone because it should be easier to keep up with that way.  I’m also going to start a Five Year Journal.   Those are my photo/documentation goals for 2013.  Other resolutions… I’m still working on.


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