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Project Life Week 3 & 4

I’m having a lot of fun changing up how I document each week.  Our weekdays are usually pretty hum ho but we do our best to make up for it on the weekends.

Week Three LeftWeek Three Right

Week 4 LeftWeek 4 Right


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Death of a Salesman’s Wife

Jim’s been on the road the past two weeks.  Home for the weekends which is great but the weeks have been really long.  Of course, work is busy, I had to get a sitter one night each week… which Robert loves and that helps with the guilt.  I wound up working Monday even though it was a holiday.  To put it mildly, I was more than ready for Jim to get home yesterday.  I left work a few hours early and came home to take a nap (I seriously contemplated running away to the Holiday Inn).  Jim got home five minutes after I did.  He decided to pick Robert up from school and take him to Legoland so I could rest.  I immediately went to sleep and woke up a few hours later when the boys got home with d’Bronx pizza and we had an impromptu picnic in my bedroom.

Today, we were ready for some family fun so we headed to IncredABowl.  The original plan was to bowl, play miniature golf and laser tag but once Robert heard Laser Tag we dumped golf to do two rounds of it.  It was awesome, just what the doctor ordered.

Bowling 1Bowling 2Bowling 3Bowling 4Bowling 5Bowling 6Bowling 7Bowling 8Bowling 9Bowling 10Bowling 11Bowling 12Bowling 13Bowling 14Bowling 15Bowling 16Bowling 18Bowling 19

Laser Tag 1Laser Tag 2Laser Tag 3Laser Tag 4Laser Tag 5Laser Tag 6Laser Tag 7Laser Tag 8Laser Tag 9Laser Tag 10

Tomorrow it’s time to get caught up on house work and get ready for the week.  Jim is in town for one week before going on the road for two again.. ugh!  This schedule will repeat until at least June, I’m hoping it gets easier.

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Just Another Manic Monday

Jim is in Muskogee, OK, tonight so it’s just Robert and I.  It was a super long day at work today but a really good one too.  I was totally spent by the time I picked him up but when it’s just me, he deserves my best.  He helped me fix his dinner (hot dogs, cottage cheese and apple sauce) and then he was ready to play.  I had been wanting to experiment a little with the continuous auto-shot on my camera so we decided to do both.  He loved the fact that pictures were being taken.  I knew I wanted to scrap several of these pictures for my Project Life and Cathy Zielske’s Tiny Templates worked perfect!  I love it.

Monday January 14

I also managed to get video of him singing “Soft Kitty”.   Poor child, he has my vocal abilities so far.  Perhaps he’ll outgrow them.

Off to play some more with my boy. 

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Project Life–Week 2

I spent most of the week still recovering from whatever this virus is.  Seems most everyone at the office has gotten it to one degree or another.  I’m a lot better but still not 100%.

This past week was just another average, ordinary week.  But I am glad that I got a few of the stories scrapped.  Robert is really into learning about money right now.  He’s chosen an expensive Ninjago set that he wants and I’ve told him he will have to earn the money for it.  Friday night at dinner I asked him if he had thought of any ways to make money.  His response, “out of paper”.  At church I always give him our offering check to put in the plate.  Today he unfolded it and asked, “Is this money?”  When I said yes he said, “It says, to Robert, you should keep me.”  ROFL… from counterfeiter to stealing from the church, I’m gonna have to watch this kid.

Saturday we were able to go check out the Sea Life Aquarium.  It was OK.  It’s small and only took about 3o minutes to get through.  The tanks are really well done there just aren’t a lot of them.  I’m afraid for the $20 admission that after the novelty wears off they are going to have a hard time getting people to come back.  We have season passes for it and Legoland (and felt basically the same way about Legoland) so we will see how many more times we get there this year.

Today Robert and I went out to visit my Mom and do some projects for her.  My nephew was home so Robert had fun playing with him.  I suggested a family domino game.  Mom, Donald and I went head to head.  I was winning and decided we could play one more round.  We used EVERY domino and the game lasted close to an hour… putting me on the road home an hour later than I had expected.  And… I lost my lead!  Donald was the champ today.  When we got home Jim had cleaned house, done laundry and gone to the grocery store.  Hooray!  He’s a keeper.

This coming week is going to be a bear.  Jim is in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Monday and Tuesday.  Then on Thursday it’s looking like he will have to head to Mountain Grove in the Ozarks.  I’ve got late meetings Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  I’m tired just thinking about it.

Week 2 LeftWeek 2 RightSea Life LeftSea Life Right

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I’m doing well with my New Year’s resolution to document our life more.  This week we were pretty boring.  Actually I was sick most of the week.  Wednesday it was all flu like symptoms and I wound up staying home.  Ever since it’s been more like motion sickness and I feel like I’m on a boat.  I made it to the office Thursday and Friday although Friday afternoon I opted to work from home.  The dizziness made standing an adventure at times but it wasn’t horrible, just sort of a little adventure.

I have managed to do my photo a day for the week.  Hooray!!!  The prompts and doing it on the iPhone have really helped.

Jan 1-6

I’ve also kept up my Project Life and have the week already scrapped.  It’s kind of nice that most of the days are just average every day happenings.

Week One LeftWeek One Right

Robert had his well child exam on Friday.  He is healthy, healthy, healthy!  Doc said he just looks great.  We are so grateful that he is overall a pretty healthy kiddo.  He rarely gets sick (knock on wood).  The doctor’s office was out of flu vaccine (I won’t mention that I’ve been trying to get Jim to make this appointment since November) so Jim had to take him to Walgreens today for his flu shot.  He was very brave and got a little teary before the shot but afterwards couldn’t believe how easy it was.

Yesterday I got to have  girl’s afternoon with one of my best friends who is in from Vegas for the holiday.  We went to La Bodega for tapas and then did a little shopping in Brookside and stopped to see our friend Dianne on the way home.  It was nice to have some one on one time with her.

Later on in the evening we headed to a new outdoor skating rink to see the Stanley Cup along with Ken Morrow’s jersey and gold medal from the 1980 USA Men’s Hockey Dream team.  It was cold but we managed to stay warm by the fires in line and get the picture.  I’m all about the photo ops Smile  Afterwards we stopped at our favorite bakery for some cupcakes and came home to warm up.

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Right Now

Time: 3:55pm
Location: bed
Watching: Judge Joe Brown
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Sprite
Feeling: sick (hence being home in bed on a work day)
Thinking:  I really hope I feel better tomorrow… I need to get back to work, missed all day yesterday and left an hour and a half early today
Wanting: my headache to go away
Needing: to figure out something I can eat
Making: a list of things to get done tomorrow
Loving: having a cuddly kitty to keep me company until the boys get home

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Happy New Year!

It’s a new year, time for some new goals.  Last year I accomplished nothing of what I wanted to do.  But it wasn’t a bad year.  Just busy.  And it’s not slowing down.  My one little word for this year will be DOCUMENT.  I want to keep a better record of our every day moments.  I hope to blog more.  I have some specific documenting projects.  It’s going to be a big year.  I’ve got big goals at work.  Jim’s job is busy as ever, as is evident by his travel schedule… ugh.  For most of the first of the year he is gone at least two weeks a month, a few of the months they are back to back trips.  It seems overwhelming when I look at it on the calendar but I know we’ll make it.  Robert will start Kindergarten this fall… I’m in a wee bit of denial about that but also looking forward to seeing him start his scholastic career.  His learning is simply exploding right now.  Letter recognition, letter sounds, starting to look at books and “telling” the story from the pictures as well as sound out words.  So exciting to have a front row seat for.

New Year’s Eve was a bit of a bust around here.  I had worked all day… which was a good thing, we had a large donation come in after 4pm.  Always nice to be there to accept those personally.  It had snowed and the roads were starting to get a bit bad when I got home, so glad I got home when I did.  We had planned to have a little party the three of us.  We had decorations and food and a balloon drop planned.  Robert and Jim had been home all day and Jim said Robert had been a pretty big pill all day.  I immediately started to worry he was getting the flu that is going around.  No fever but I gave him some Tylenol just in case.  One dose wouldn’t kill him.

He pulled it together for a bit and decided he needed to put on a puppet show for us.  It was fun, until it ended in a melt down.

It became evident that the kid might just be worn slick.  He really hadn’t been to school for the past two weeks except for a day or two between spending the week with my Mom and staying home with Jim and the holidays.  He’s been staying up late and tired in the mornings.  He was whiny and obstinate and nothing would make him happy.  He cried at the drop of a hat.  I finally convinced him to lay down in our bed and watch some Jack’s Big Music Show.  By 7:30pm he was out cold.

We prayed he would stay asleep and moved him to his room.  I was able to get his pajamas on him and he didn’t wake up.  For my kid, that’s amazing.  He slept for 15 hours!  When I woke up my happy go lucky little guy was back.  He asked if he missed the party and I told him we had rescheduled it.

We completed one of my family goals of taking pictures of the three of us on holidays.  Thanks to Susan Weinroth for this awesome idea.  I have the perfect little Snoopy Holiday Album I got a few years ago to put them in and am so excited.  We set up the camera in the living room and put constant shooting on for 10 shots.  Here are my two favorite.


We toasted with sparkling apple cider.


And we had the balloon drop.  Although it would have been better if we had taller ceilings.


The rest of the day was spent just vegging out.  These Tuesday holidays make for a weird week.

I’m determined to do a Project Life this year.  Really, I’m going to do it.  I’m going to figure out a time weekly/monthly to complete my layouts.  Really, I am.  I’ve gotten my cover page and New Year’s page done Smile  Cathy Zielske had a great free download today.  I love her products. 

Title Page

New Year's Day

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