I’m doing well with my New Year’s resolution to document our life more.  This week we were pretty boring.  Actually I was sick most of the week.  Wednesday it was all flu like symptoms and I wound up staying home.  Ever since it’s been more like motion sickness and I feel like I’m on a boat.  I made it to the office Thursday and Friday although Friday afternoon I opted to work from home.  The dizziness made standing an adventure at times but it wasn’t horrible, just sort of a little adventure.

I have managed to do my photo a day for the week.  Hooray!!!  The prompts and doing it on the iPhone have really helped.

Jan 1-6

I’ve also kept up my Project Life and have the week already scrapped.  It’s kind of nice that most of the days are just average every day happenings.

Week One LeftWeek One Right

Robert had his well child exam on Friday.  He is healthy, healthy, healthy!  Doc said he just looks great.  We are so grateful that he is overall a pretty healthy kiddo.  He rarely gets sick (knock on wood).  The doctor’s office was out of flu vaccine (I won’t mention that I’ve been trying to get Jim to make this appointment since November) so Jim had to take him to Walgreens today for his flu shot.  He was very brave and got a little teary before the shot but afterwards couldn’t believe how easy it was.

Yesterday I got to have  girl’s afternoon with one of my best friends who is in from Vegas for the holiday.  We went to La Bodega for tapas and then did a little shopping in Brookside and stopped to see our friend Dianne on the way home.  It was nice to have some one on one time with her.

Later on in the evening we headed to a new outdoor skating rink to see the Stanley Cup along with Ken Morrow’s jersey and gold medal from the 1980 USA Men’s Hockey Dream team.  It was cold but we managed to stay warm by the fires in line and get the picture.  I’m all about the photo ops Smile  Afterwards we stopped at our favorite bakery for some cupcakes and came home to warm up.


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