Project Life–Week 2

I spent most of the week still recovering from whatever this virus is.  Seems most everyone at the office has gotten it to one degree or another.  I’m a lot better but still not 100%.

This past week was just another average, ordinary week.  But I am glad that I got a few of the stories scrapped.  Robert is really into learning about money right now.  He’s chosen an expensive Ninjago set that he wants and I’ve told him he will have to earn the money for it.  Friday night at dinner I asked him if he had thought of any ways to make money.  His response, “out of paper”.  At church I always give him our offering check to put in the plate.  Today he unfolded it and asked, “Is this money?”  When I said yes he said, “It says, to Robert, you should keep me.”  ROFL… from counterfeiter to stealing from the church, I’m gonna have to watch this kid.

Saturday we were able to go check out the Sea Life Aquarium.  It was OK.  It’s small and only took about 3o minutes to get through.  The tanks are really well done there just aren’t a lot of them.  I’m afraid for the $20 admission that after the novelty wears off they are going to have a hard time getting people to come back.  We have season passes for it and Legoland (and felt basically the same way about Legoland) so we will see how many more times we get there this year.

Today Robert and I went out to visit my Mom and do some projects for her.  My nephew was home so Robert had fun playing with him.  I suggested a family domino game.  Mom, Donald and I went head to head.  I was winning and decided we could play one more round.  We used EVERY domino and the game lasted close to an hour… putting me on the road home an hour later than I had expected.  And… I lost my lead!  Donald was the champ today.  When we got home Jim had cleaned house, done laundry and gone to the grocery store.  Hooray!  He’s a keeper.

This coming week is going to be a bear.  Jim is in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Monday and Tuesday.  Then on Thursday it’s looking like he will have to head to Mountain Grove in the Ozarks.  I’ve got late meetings Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  I’m tired just thinking about it.

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