Death of a Salesman’s Wife

Jim’s been on the road the past two weeks.  Home for the weekends which is great but the weeks have been really long.  Of course, work is busy, I had to get a sitter one night each week… which Robert loves and that helps with the guilt.  I wound up working Monday even though it was a holiday.  To put it mildly, I was more than ready for Jim to get home yesterday.  I left work a few hours early and came home to take a nap (I seriously contemplated running away to the Holiday Inn).  Jim got home five minutes after I did.  He decided to pick Robert up from school and take him to Legoland so I could rest.  I immediately went to sleep and woke up a few hours later when the boys got home with d’Bronx pizza and we had an impromptu picnic in my bedroom.

Today, we were ready for some family fun so we headed to IncredABowl.  The original plan was to bowl, play miniature golf and laser tag but once Robert heard Laser Tag we dumped golf to do two rounds of it.  It was awesome, just what the doctor ordered.

Bowling 1Bowling 2Bowling 3Bowling 4Bowling 5Bowling 6Bowling 7Bowling 8Bowling 9Bowling 10Bowling 11Bowling 12Bowling 13Bowling 14Bowling 15Bowling 16Bowling 18Bowling 19

Laser Tag 1Laser Tag 2Laser Tag 3Laser Tag 4Laser Tag 5Laser Tag 6Laser Tag 7Laser Tag 8Laser Tag 9Laser Tag 10

Tomorrow it’s time to get caught up on house work and get ready for the week.  Jim is in town for one week before going on the road for two again.. ugh!  This schedule will repeat until at least June, I’m hoping it gets easier.


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