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Head Spinning

So.. another month between posts… and things are about the same… but in some ways better.  I’ve made some decisions to start making some changes and that has brought a bit of peace… and a bit of anxiety… but more peace.

For the most part things around here have been business as usual.. except this year business as usual means Jim is on the road.  Seems like he’s gone about 5 out of every 6 weeks.  I’m getting more used to it.  Most weeks.  But then there are weeks where I’m busy at work, and Robert is over the top pushing boundaries and the dog wants my attention and I really think given half a chance I could run away.  But then Robert wanders by and stops to hug me and say I love you, or he falls asleep and I see my perfect little guy lying there looking like an angel, or I actually manage to get all the trash out on time, or we FaceTime with Jim and all wind up laughing together… and I realize, this too shall pass.  We will be fine.  Deep breath, move on.

I have been trying to make sure that when Jim is home we have some great family time together.  I know that all the travel is hard on him and he misses us when he’s gone and it’s a different hard from how it is hard on me.  And I know sometimes I take out my days frustration on him via the phone when he calls to say “hi” but it’s the exact wrong time, and I have to apologize later.  And I try to remember to apologize later. 

We had Good Friday off at my job and Jim just happened to be coming back into town Thursday that week so I booked us a room at Tan-Tar-A at Osage Beach.  It’s a short three hour drive, they have an indoor water park and there is a large outlet mall in Osage Beach (because Mama has now lost 40+ pounds and needed some new clothes – 4 sizes smaller thank you very much).

Road Trip

We left mid-morning on Friday and had a few hours to shop before checking into the resort.  Our room was perfect.  Two full size beds and a pull out sleeper sofa overlooking the lake.  And the pillows were to die for!  We got changed and headed over to the water park for a few hours before coming back and ordering pizza for dinner to watch the basketball games.

Someone was really excited about his new swimming gear…



After dinner he made himself right at home.


Saturday it cooler and rainy but we still managed to get in a few hours of shopping.  I found a lot of stuff.  Including a huge sale at the Coach Outlet.  I got a new bag with a matching wallet for less than half the price of the bag.. whoo hoo!

Afterwards the boys went back to the water park and I did some work I brought along that needed to get done (some deadlines just won’t wait).

Saturday night the Easter Bunny dropped off a present for Robert a bit early.  It was a new Goesei Dragon Megazord… he loved it and we didn’t hear a peep out of him for the longest time.

Megazord Easter

The next morning he woke up to a filled Easter Basket and got to hunt eggs.

Easter Basket

Easter 5Easter 4Easter 6Easter 7Eater 3

Easter 1Easter 2

On the way home we stopped off to see my Mom for a bit and take her some popcorn we had picked up for her.  Jim left for the week about 4 hours after we got home. 

Robert and I had a pretty good week.  Friday when I picked him up at preschool spring pictures were in.

Such a handsome young man…

Spring School Picture

And then… his first graduation portrait…

Robert Preschool Graduation Picture

We’re not buying into the preschool graduation hoopla but I did buy the picture because it was cute and the first in a line of what I hope is many.  It will be fun someday to look back.

Saturday the weather in KC was gorgeous.  Jim spent the morning deep cleaning the carpets – thank you!  The winter and the dog have been hard on the carpet.  So nice to have them refreshed.  After that we needed to run to Brookside to pick up a ring I was having repaired.

Afterwards we headed to the Plaza to have dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and then took a horse drawn carriage ride.  The weather was perfect and we got to see a lot of prom goers all dressed up and Robert had a blast waving at everyone.

Carriage Ride

So new we’re getting ready for another week.  Jim is in town (yeah!!!).  I’m actually working from home two days this week to try to get some writing done in peace.  Next weekend World’s of Fun opens so Saturday will be spent riding the rides…. hooray!


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