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More Summer Fun

By the time Friday rolled around last week we were all exhausted.  Jim fell asleep on the couch about 8pm on Friday night.  I went into the bedroom for a minute about 8:30pm and sat down to pet the cat for a minute… and didn’t stir until the next morning.

Saturday morning we were pretty slow to get going.  After getting a few chores done Jim suggested if we went to the grocery store we could stop at the Rusty Horse Tavern to grab some lunch.  That was enough to get me moving!

When we got home Robert and I made some cupcakes.  He was in charge of sprinkles.  “Sprinkles make the cupcakes beautiful,” according to Robert.


This weekend there was a kid-friendly double feature at the drive in so we loaded into the Jeep with a cooler, lawn chairs, pillows and blankets to go see Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University.  The back of the Jeep makes a pretty comfy bed (although I think a few more pillows and a little more padding next time for my old bones).  Robert did a pretty good job paying attention during Despicable.  I was having so much fun watching him I only half watched it.  We made it through part of Monsters U before the rain started and Robert was more than ready to come home.  For $10 each adult and kids under 11 free, we will definitely go again, even if we only stay for the first movie.


Sunday I had to run to the office.  I got an email from my boss on Saturday that there was a grant that wasn’t on our list that was due Monday.  I could probably have gotten it written Monday but didn’t want to risk it.  My boss was in too and had picked up a book for Robert on Saturday.  “How to Speak Wookie”.  We read it at bedtime, he loved it.


My best friend texted me Saturday that she is moving back to KC in October.  She’s been gone for 10 years.  The last 7 in Vegas.  I have been meaning to go visit her there but it never quite came together.  She texted that I should come help her pack.  I checked with Jim real quick to see if he had any free tickets right now and he did (one of the perks to him travelling so much this year).  So, I quickly pulled out the calendar and in late September will be headed to Vegas for a long weekend with her packing and sight seeing.  I’m so excited!


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It’s Been Three Months

… seriously, I need to get back to blogging but it seems like I’m always too busy.  This year has been stressful to say the least. Jim’s travel has seemed to fallen off a bit… I think.  As soon as I type that he’ll leave town, I’m sure.

I’ve made a few changes since I last blogged but they just haven’t completely happened yet.  I’m transitioning into a new position at work which is pretty much tailor made for me.  Unfortunately, they haven’t hired my replacement yet so for now I’m kind of in that middle ground between the two positions trying to make sure I don’t miss any deadlines and learning a lot of new stuff.  It’s exciting but also exhausting.

Robert has hit a point where he can be incredibly hard headed and a bit hurtful at times.  He’s always remorseful but he’s had a few hard lessons lately in the fact there are consequences for actions.  Unfortunately he seems to try to “flex his muscle” a bit more when Daddy is out of town.  Jim was gone last week to Vegas.  Monday night I told Robert he needed to pick up all the Legos in the living room before bedtime (he was told this when we got home).  A half hour before bedtime I reminded him that it needed to be done.

Me:  Don’t forget you need to pick up the Legos before you go to bed.
Robert: (laying the back of his hand against his forehead) Picking up Legos makes me tired and weak.
Me: Fine, but any that are not picked up by the time you go to bed are going in the trash.
Robert: (completely disgusted) You are mean and rude and I’m running away!
Me:  I will miss you.  Any Legos still out when you leave will be put in the trash.

About 10 minutes later he came and found me and was totally remorseful.  Then he wanted me to help him pick them up.  I explained I was busy getting the trash out and would help when I was done.  He thought he should wait for me to help before starting.  When I told him he needed to start without me there was another minor meltdown.  Finally he started picking them up.  I started to help and was informed I was doing it all wrong.  Eventually they all got picked up and I told him how proud I was of him.  He was beaming. 

The next night the meltdown was over turning the iPad off when it was time to go to bed.  He chose to call me “stupid”.  That led to a time out, a melt down, an eventual reconciliation followed by the reading of “Llama, Llama Mad at Mama” to get some ideas on how we should react when we are mad at Mama.  Then something strange happened.  Robert announced to me that he was Guy the Blue Ninja and that he had been in Robert’s room watching when Robert threw his tantrum and heard what Robert said.  OK… I decided to just go with it.  “Guy” and I discussed why Robert had gotten so mad, why what he said and did was wrong and how I could help “Robert” not get so mad in the future.  Then “Guy” asked me if I was mad at Robert.  I told him I wasn’t, that my feelings were hurt and I would always love him.  “Guy” then went to Robert’s room (where Robert was) and told him Mommy wasn’t mad so Robert appeared in my room and apologized and we talked some more and read “Where the Wild Things Are”.  Then came the moment of parenting truths… Robert looked at me and asked, “Mama, when you were little did you ever throw fits?”  Aye!  Had to answer honestly, no enough money in the world to bribe my mother.

I had a four day weekend for the Fourth of July and took all four days!  Of course, today I felt extremely guilty about it and it will probably mean a few late nights this week playing catch up on things.  But it was worth it.  Four whole days with Jim and Robert with a bonus overnight with my Mom for me on Sunday since I had a conference to go to today and her house is an hour closer.

Wednesday night we went to Barnes and Noble to get some new books for Robert.  We read all of them several times this weekend.  I love reading to him.  Sunday afternoon I had to read to his Power Ranger action figures.


The Fourth of July I was hungry for a really good hamburger.  I searched Yelp and found a restaurant near our house that is supposed to have the best burger in the northland so we loaded up and headed there.  They were closed for the Fourth Sad smile  but it was right down the street from another favorite restaurant so we went there and I settled for chicken fried steak.

On the way home we stopped at a fireworks tent and bought a few small things for Robert to shoot off.


He doesn’t really like loud noises but got into the smaller fireworks.  He even got brave enough to light them on his own (we were very close by).  I handed Jim my big camera and he got a ton of cute pictures of Robert and I lighting fireworks together… unfortunately I hadn’t put the card back in the camera so I don’t have any of the really cute pictures.  Just a few I snapped on my iPhone.  Ugh.



We went to Parkville to see the big display by the river.  It was really good.  Next year we will take ear protection for Robert.  He had a blast right up until the show started.  He thought it was pretty but he really didn’t like the noise so one of us had to keep our hands over his ears at all times.


Friday we managed to go back to the Rusty Horse Tavern so I could get a burger.  Totally worth the wait!  We will definitely go back again.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing small chores around the house (we have a ton more that need to be done!) and hanging out.  We needed that time to recharge.

Saturday I made cookies that I had seen on Nora’s website.  They were delicious.  Unfortunately, Harley ate 3/4 of them!  Aye!  Dark chocolate is so bad for dogs.  I was so scared she was going to get sick.  We watched for any signs of illness.  Not our little cast iron tummy pup.  Not even so much as a belch!   Seriously, she is the worst dog ever… but I wouldn’t trade her for anything.


School starts in 37 days.  Robert is super excited.  I have downloaded his school supply list and am making myself not go buy everything right now because I don’t want to get him ready too soon.  We are so excited about his teacher.  We met her at the open house and she seems so great.  Last year she was an aide but this year she is the full time teacher.  Back to school night is August 8th.  I even had Mom mark her calendar for Grandparent’s Day on September 6th. 

Speaking of Mom… she’s doing awesome!  Last set of scans was clean.  Recheck in 6 months.  She amazes me.

Other things from the summer so far I don’t want to forget:

We went to Nebraska for cousin Sarah’s graduation in May:


We went to a Royals Game:

We went to the kite festival:

Kite 1Kite 2Kite 3Kite 4Kite 5Kite 6Kite 7Kite 8Kite 9Kite 10Kite 11Kite 12

Robert got his first bike:
Bike 1Bike 2Bike 3Bike 5Bike 6Bike 7Bike 8Bike 9Bike 10Bike 11Bike 12Bike 13Bike

Robert played t-ball.  He didn’t really get into it but it was a good experience for him.


Robert got a library card.


We went miniature golfing.


We went to Shakespeare In the Park and tried to help set the world record for number of people wearing a disguise (fake mustaches) at a performance about someone in disguise (As You Like It)


Rocky became even more protective of Robert


Rocky and Mel started liking each other and may have progressed to cat “bro-mance”


We got a new roof because ours was old…


Robert developed a new CEO personality that was hilarious… but I don’t want to ever work for him!


We saw “Go Dog Go” at Theater for Young America and “Lyle, Lyle Crocodile” at the Coterie.


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