More Summer Fun

By the time Friday rolled around last week we were all exhausted.  Jim fell asleep on the couch about 8pm on Friday night.  I went into the bedroom for a minute about 8:30pm and sat down to pet the cat for a minute… and didn’t stir until the next morning.

Saturday morning we were pretty slow to get going.  After getting a few chores done Jim suggested if we went to the grocery store we could stop at the Rusty Horse Tavern to grab some lunch.  That was enough to get me moving!

When we got home Robert and I made some cupcakes.  He was in charge of sprinkles.  “Sprinkles make the cupcakes beautiful,” according to Robert.


This weekend there was a kid-friendly double feature at the drive in so we loaded into the Jeep with a cooler, lawn chairs, pillows and blankets to go see Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University.  The back of the Jeep makes a pretty comfy bed (although I think a few more pillows and a little more padding next time for my old bones).  Robert did a pretty good job paying attention during Despicable.  I was having so much fun watching him I only half watched it.  We made it through part of Monsters U before the rain started and Robert was more than ready to come home.  For $10 each adult and kids under 11 free, we will definitely go again, even if we only stay for the first movie.


Sunday I had to run to the office.  I got an email from my boss on Saturday that there was a grant that wasn’t on our list that was due Monday.  I could probably have gotten it written Monday but didn’t want to risk it.  My boss was in too and had picked up a book for Robert on Saturday.  “How to Speak Wookie”.  We read it at bedtime, he loved it.


My best friend texted me Saturday that she is moving back to KC in October.  She’s been gone for 10 years.  The last 7 in Vegas.  I have been meaning to go visit her there but it never quite came together.  She texted that I should come help her pack.  I checked with Jim real quick to see if he had any free tickets right now and he did (one of the perks to him travelling so much this year).  So, I quickly pulled out the calendar and in late September will be headed to Vegas for a long weekend with her packing and sight seeing.  I’m so excited!


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