Kindergarten May Kill Me

Where did the time go???  How is my baby a kindergartener?  He was so ready.  The week before school started he told Ms. Judy (his most favorite teacher ever, and the feeling is WAY mutual).  He was being Lenox (the lion from Chima… long story, he’ll become a character and just go with it… today it was Lenox).  Lenox told Ms. Judy, “Susanne (his characters call me by my first name) told him that Robert will be OK going to a new school and he’ll meet and make new friends so don’t worry about Robert, he’ll be fine.”  Then he gave her a hug.  And she is fabulous enough she texted me the story because she knew I’d melt.

I thought I was ready too.  I’ve loved every moment of his life and couldn’t stop thinking about how awesome this next phase was going to be.  A part of me was still a bit sad that he isn’t a baby anymore… it went too fast.  But I just knew he was going to be awesome and totally rock Kindergarten.

He was super excited on back to school night.  I love Robert’s teacher.  She is totally there for the kids.  She is going to inspire him to learn.  I seriously could not be happier that this is how is is starting his formal educational.  On top of our parent package’s were a custom business card she had made that had her cell number and phone number on it.  I was so excited when we got home.  I entered the entire calendar into my outlook and signed up for PTA.

First day of school he was up and ready on time.  We now have to do breakfast at home so that means getting up earlier but he was ready 30 minutes before it was time to leave.  Which of course, means there are time for pictures!


The first week went well.  It was only three days and it was sort of getting into a routine.

The second week the fun began.  On Tuesday I picked up Robert from afterschool and he was telling me that he spent some time with the principal instead of going out to recess.  I couldn’t get the whole story straight so we went back in to talk to the teacher a bit.  First off, they are animate that he was not “sent to the principal’s office”.  He just went there to finish a worksheet that he didn’t do during class time.  I also found out Robert does not do thing the first time he is told (or the second, or third, or fourth sometimes).  He apparently also told the teacher that she is not the Spinjitzu Master Commander so he does not have to listen to her.  Aye yay yay.  So, we’ve had long talks about how he has to do things the first time he is told and also he has to listen to the teacher.

Wednesday went better.

Thursday he woke up complaining about pain in his leg and he was limping pretty severely.  He is not one to complain about physical pain so  I was concerned.  I took him to school but decided to call the doctor when I got to work.  This led to a fun filled day of tests and having the daylights scared out of me.  We got in with one of the docs in our group, not our primary but still one we really like.  After an x-ray he diagnosed Robert with toxic synovitis.  Apparently he had a virus previously and it settled in his hip.  We would need an ultrasound to confirm and to make sure he wasn’t septic.  We got into the children’s clinic for the ultrasound and I could tell the tech was concerned but wouldn’t tell us what was going on.  Just said to wait for the doctor to call.  Luckily the doctor’s office called quickly.  They couldn’t rule out sepsis with the ultrasound.  Definitely fluid on the hip.  We needed blood work.  Luckily since we were still at the clinic they were able to fax over the lab request.  I had to run back to the office for a bit.  Jim was there so there was really nothing to do but wait for the results.  Basically the result of the call from the doctor would be A) give him motrin and wait out the pain (a week or two) or B) take him to the children’s hospital immediately and start IV meds.  There was no in between.  Three hours later we got the call… Motrin.  But it was a worrisome three hours.  He still isn’t 100% and has a bit of a limp some days but for the most part he feels fine.

Last week was a fun one.  On Wednesday he came home with three papers in his folder of work he had not completed and was graded down on.  And it was simple stuff that I knew he could do.  So, when we got home instead of playing he had to finish his work and we had to talk about consequences.  He breezed through it at home.  I told him the instructions then left the room and told him it had to be complete when  I got back.  I was so frustrated. 

When I get frustrated with something Robert related  I think of my aunt.  What would she tell me?  I actually said out loud, “You know Ann, you were supposed to be here to help me with this.”  Thirty seconds later my phone buzzed with an email from Robert’s teacher telling me how much she appreciates that I come into class every morning and tell her if anything is going on with him and how we support her at home.  I emailed a few questions I had for her… what is he doing when he’s not doing the work?  Does he behave?  Is he making friends?

Turns out he just tunes out during work time.  He isn’t disruptive.  Doesn’t leave his seat, doesn’t talk to the other kids.  Just sits (checks out as she put it).  He is very well behaved and does have friends.

So, more talks with Robert on doing his work when he is told and not thinking about anything else.  Thursday and Friday were a lot better.  Only happy faces and stars in the folder.  I had decided Friday afternoon that if he had a good day we would go play laser tag as a surprise.  Luckily he had a good day.  I told him that he would never know when there was a surprise day so he always needed to do his best.  Ever the pragmatic he asked, “Couldn’t you just tell me in the morning if it is a surprise day?”  LOL.. nice try kiddo.

Through everything I am thrilled that he still loves school and his teacher.  He is getting it, slowly but surely.  He just takes his own time.


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