New Month, New Slate, Let’s Go!

Welcome June! Welcome my new start. I’m tired of feeling lousy… time for some mind over matter. I’m just going to push through it and get on with things. I can’t believe how unproductive May was! For June I’m going to do a layout a day. Hey, I have time right now, I also have tons of pictures. Today’s layout takes us back to 2000. Donald was 9 (he’ll be 16 in July!) He joined Cub Scouts as a Tiger Cub in first grade and needed an adult companion… I was drafted. I bought the matching adult shirt (the only parent who did) and was immediately culled from the pack and groomed to be the new leader. By the time he got his blue wolf shirt, I got my khaki Cubmaster one. Hey, what single woman wouldn’t want to dress up once a week and drive 45 minutes to hang out with 60 grade school boys. These were the days when he thought the sun rose and set in my and never missed an opportunity to come spend the night or go do something with me. I miss those days. But, teenagehood has hit full force and I’m not nearly as cool as I used to be. Maybe someday I will be again. Layout is Kamryn by Miss Kim, paper is from Atomic Cupcake Happy Camper kit. Title is from Atomic Cupcake labelmaker.

Tomorrow I’m going to get the new scanner hooked up and start scanning in pictures that aren’t digital. When my brother passed his kids each chose a song to play at the funeral since the funeral home organist apparently knew no selections from Metallica. After the funeral so many people asked for copies of the lyrics I downloaded them and emailed them out. They were so deep, and each really captured my brother and his relationship with his kids. One of my friends pointed out a lot of people just listen to the music but it took a special gift for Brad to pass on to the kids that some songs really have meaning. I’ve been collecting up pictures of him with the kids (which isn’t easy because he HATED having his picture taken) and am going to make a slide show for each of them. I know they miss him horribly and things are still really tough for them. This is one way I can show them that I’m still here for them and it’s OK to remember.

June is shaping up to be pretty busy. We have a wedding Saturday of a boy I used to babysit. There were four kids in the family, three boys and one girl. Cory is the oldest boy. I can’t believe he’s getting married! It seems like just yesterday I was going to his little league wrestling matches. He’s such a handsome boy. I can’t wait to see he and his brothers all dressed up. They are a terrific family.

Monday I have lunch with one of my mentors. Tuesday we find out the sex of the baby. The next Saturday is the Belmont Stakes. For the past few years my aunt has gotten up a group of people and we go out to the local dog track and bet on the dogs for a few hours then watch the Belmont on a six inch screen and hope to collect on our bets. Afterwards it’s back to my aunt’s house for dinner. We really have a good time. I think there will be 10 of us this year.

Harley is still a bit lethargic but I think she’s getting better. She choked on her pill tonight not wanting to take it and had me scared to death. I actually sat on the floor holding a popsicle for her to lick when she was “recovering”. I can’t wait until she’s back to 100%, I really miss my rambunctious puppy.


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