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He’s Coming Home On A Jet Plane…

Jim has been in Amarillo teaching a class since Sunday. He was supposed to get home an hour ago but his flight from Dallas was delayed. We have a joke that the one sure way to make it rain in KC is to put him on a plane coming home. Apparently his powers work in other cities too, it’s raining in Dallas. Just got the alert his plane has taken off… so he should be home in a couple of hours. With his luck it will be raining in KC by the time they get here and he’ll be circling forever.

I’m so ready for him to be home. Harley is a total wreck with him out of town. She waffles back and forth between laying around lethargic and being in my face insisting on having all of my attention — that’s the mode she’s in right now.

Of course tomorrow he’s on the road all day to Jefferson City but will be home in the evening. I think he’s going to take a comp. day on Friday to catch up on sleep (and housework). then we have a three day weekend all together… yeah!!!


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Baby Shower!

“Aunt” Bonnie called tonight. She is one of my Mom’s best friends and has adopted me as her niece. She was so proud of herself when she signed our wedding matte “Aunt Bonnie”. She is planning a baby shower for me in my hometown. I’m so excited. She wants to do a Saturday brunch. I think it’s going to be September 15, that’s the tentative plan right now. Wow… only three weeks away. We’ll be at week 34 then.

Jim left for Amarillo today. Harley has finally realized that he’s not coming home and is in mourning. She found a magazine in the bedroom today and totally destroyed it all over the floor. Ugh! Tomorrow night is graduation from obedience school. I think she’ll graduate, even though whether or not she obeys kind of depends on the mood she is in at the time, she’s definitely in her adolescent phase. I swear if I could accurately translate some of the barks she has directed at me she is saying, “You’re not the boss of me.”

Busy week at work this week. Tomorrow I have to finish a brochure layout and complete a grant for Tuesday. I think the only meeting I have so far this week is on Tuesday.

Have an appointment with the OB this week. On my list of things to talk to him about are whether or not we have to take the birthing classes. We went to the first one last week and it was an absolute train wreck and waste of our time. I don’t think I can sit through 6 more weeks of that. Also need to ask him about managing these headaches now that we can’t take the good drugs. Anxious to hear RC’s heartbeat and hear that he’s growing just fine.

Today I’ve been having a terrible pain in my left kidney. I think it’s a combination of gas and how RC is laying. I hope it lets up soon.

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New Nightly Challenge

Our new evening entertainment is the Peanuts edition of Uno. We’ve been having a blast playing it. There is a “Good Grief” card that makes the player it’s played upon draw until they get a card with Charlie Brown on it… Jim holds the record with 31! That’s over a fourth of the deck! We kept score last night… Jim beat me handily. Looks like tonight it’s a rematch.

It’s only Wednesday… ugh. I had a horrible migraine Monday which led to me coming home after lunch and locking myself in a quiet, dark room. It started Sunday night and at one point I was within a smidgen of going to the hospital. After next week I can no longer take my beloved Excedrin Migraine so I’m looking for other ways to get some relief if they persist.

Saturday morning I’m going to the office to help with inventory. Jim will finish the paint in the nursery while I’m gone. Sunday Jim leaves for Amarillo and will be gone until Wednesday. Then Labor Day weekend will be upon us. My time is flying!

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New Toy!!!

In anticipation of RC coming, we had been looking into getting a new video camera. I wanted something small and compact that would be easy to transfer from the camera to the computer. We settled on this DVD-Cam from Sony.

Jim got up early this morning and got the two walls that needed to be painted done in the nursery along with all the trim. In the next few weeks we’ll get the wallpaper up and be ready to buy the crib. It’s getting closer and closer.

Mom called today and “Aunt” Bonnie wants to throw a shower for me in my home town in September. Mom’s made out a guest list and I “approved” it. I’m so excited.

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These Layouts Rock!

Have you seen Simply Sarah Designs freebie layouts? They absolutely rock. I’m so bummed that I’ve been too tired this week to scrap but I did manage to do this layout of my nephew from 2002 tonight. Layout is Simply Sarah #12; paper is from Christine Stone’s Camping pack.

Jim bought the paint for Robert’s room this morning so if we ever get a break from this heat he will get started painting. I’m hoping that it’s low fume enough that I can be here and not have to go out and entertain myself while he paints. We went out today and did a little window shopping at the mall.

Tomorrow it’s house cleaning and doing some stuff for work. Both the animals are shedding right now so it’s like the entire house has a little black fur on it. What were we thinking… cream colored carpeting, black pets???

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I can’t believe how exhausted I am. This working full time is for the birds! HA HA Actually I’m loving the new job… getting my feet wet, working on getting systems in place. It’s going to be challenging but it’s also turning out to be a lot of fun.

I’m dying to get some scrapbooking done but I’m so tired when I get home at night. Tomorrow I have Soroptimist meeting after work so it’s going to be a late night. The good thing is I’m sleeping like a baby. We went to bed at 9 last night and I was asleep by 9:15… going to be the same thing tonight! Gotta wrap a birthday gift for my friend Dianne and then it’s off to bed.

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Of course I couldn’t sleep last night… I tossed and turned and thought about the new job. Up at 6:30am this morning… wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be. It was nice to have time to shower and get ready and eat breakfast and not feel rushed. The drive is super, super easy… no traffic. Had staff meeting from 9 until lunch and then the boss took everyone out to lunch. Everyone seems very nice. Got my computer log on and new laptop. I’m set to go. Left the office about 3 to come home and pick out some files that will be helpful to what I need to get done in the next week or so. I think this job is going to be a good fit, but right now all I want is some sleep!

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