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Busy, Productive Day

Jim fixed a big biscuits and gravy breakfast for the family this morning.  Afterwards it was time for them to pack up and head on down the road.  The visit was way too short but at least we got to see each other.  Here are pics of Robert opening his gift yesterday.  He loves the little tractor he got.

Robert Opening Hoover Gifts 1

Robert Opening Hoover Gifts 2

Robert was taking a nap so I ran to Target to stock up on some basics that we needed.  They had gift bags 75% off… whooo hooo!!!  I had all the Nebraska gifts to wrap still and was not looking forward to an afternoon of paper and tape.  They are now all ready to go.

Nebraska Gifts

At three it was time to take Harley to the vet for her check up and vaccinations.  She absolutely loves the vets office.  They could not believe how great she looks after her summer illness.  Of course she was acting like a little crack addict gobbling up the treats.  She really is a good dog, when she wants to be.  She and Robert were playing tonight and she is so good with him.  Right now she’s stretched out on the bed next to me.  She’s up to 65 pounds, our little chunk.

Harley Girl

Robert took a nap with me this afternoon and then he was going strong tonight.  We have taken the gate off the stairs going up to the bedrooms and he is really loving his new freedom.  He spent most of the time that I was gone today helping Jim with laundry.  It was hilarious watching him take things out of the basket as Jim was trying to fold.

Robert On The Go


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Vacation Is Going Way Too Fast

It’s Monday already… and Monday night to boot…. I can’t believe how fast our time off is flying by.  Friday we finished up our Christmas shopping for our Nebraska relatives.  I knew we had time since we don’t leave for there until Wednesday and it allowed us to take advantage of the after-Christmas sales.  We also managed to catch up with my best friend Renee for lunch before she left town.  We boxed up the tree and finished de-decorating the house.  That’s the fastest that’s ever occurred but I needed the space in the living room.  I got a new toy bin organizer for Robert’s room and all the bins are labeled.  Perhaps I’m becoming a bit OCD… it would definitely help our house keeping if I would.  The weather was close to 70 on Friday… it was insane. 

Saturday… not so warm.  We ran to Terry & Robin’s for a bit where Robert learned a new love.. cheesecake… yes, Aunt Bobbi had a great time filling him up on cheesecake filling.

Robin Feeding Cheesecake

Eating Cheesecake

Eating Cheesecake 2

Cosmo and Robert have both had a good time playing in the toy bins.

cosmo in a bin

Robert in Bin

Sunday morning I was asleep and Jim went to the store.  I woke to him calling, the Explorer is broke down, I’ve called AAA.  Had it towed to our neighborhood NTB which has the nicest employees.  They informed us it was the fuel pump… happy $764 to me.  The gift that you can’t re-gift.  Fortunately it happened here in town where we could get it taken care of immediately and not while we were on our way to Nebraska since we’re taking the Explorer this trip.  It still bites. 

We got home and I fell asleep on the couch, I hadn’t been feeling good.  When I woke up I stumbled on the smoker that Jim was putting together in the middle of the living room floor a few times before making it to the steps only to fall down them.  I have a nice bruise that covers my whole right forearm now.  Ugh.  I decided just to go to bed and stayed there until 8:30am this morning when I woke up and remembered we had house guests coming this afternoon.  Got up and got the cleaning finished.

Aunt Sherry, Uncle Gary, Scott & Chelsea got here about 2:30pm and Robert put on quite the show.  Jim finally got him to sleep at 9.  He did not want to go down but he was exhausted.  He had just gone down for a nap about 30 minutes before they got here and it was the only nap he’d had all day.  They will be back on the road tomorrow morning and we will start getting ready for our trip.  I have to call the vet in the morning and get Harley in for her shots and hopefully they can board her while we’re gone.  If not, we’ll call Pete N Macs.

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Merry Christmas!

It seems like forever since I’ve blogged.  My laptop is having some issues right now and running really slow (my goal is to get it cleaned up this week so it’s back to tip top shape) but it’s been tough to get pictures downloaded, etc.  It’s been quite a week.  I’m really sick of the cold weather.  There have been mornings where it’s between 1 and 4 degrees when we leave for work/preschool.  I think Robert’s a bit sick of the cold too!

Robert Cold Weather

Last Saturday I picked up my niece and nephew so that they could do their Christmas shopping.  We had such a great time together.  We laughed and reminisced and they got a lot of shopping done.  They pooled their money for a lot of their gifts and were really thoughtful about each gift.  I was fun to see them work together and also to really try to pick the right gift for someone with limited funds.  They got along with each other the entire time… no bickering… it was so nice.  I told them that getting to spend the day with them was my Christmas present.  They got our aunts/uncles each a Hickory Farms gift pack; Erika got my Mom some warm slipper socks and lotion from Bath & Body Works; Donald got Mom a Yankee Candle; they got Jim and I a Yankee Candle that is cinnamon – my favorite.  They got Robert the Little People Tug Boat.  Erika got her boyfriend a tool set and they both got their mother a nice candle holder.

While we were gone Robert was in charge of watching Daddy.  He entertained him for a while with his hat.

Robert Hat

I picked up this cute Santa and Reindeer globes at Hallmark.  They play music and dance and can be hooked together or played with apart.  Robert loved them.

Hallmark Dancers

Sunday my friend/co-worker Amy came over with her brother, sister in law and niece (6) and nephew (4). We had a great time making cookies.  I had one batch done when they got there so that they could decorate them with icing.  Then I rolled out another batch for sprinkles and wrapped it up with a batch of chocolate chip.  Jimmy and Jim hit it off and talked bbq.  We also played some Wii.  The biggest compliment of the day was Clark did not want to leave and Olivia asked if they could come back sometime… of course they can!  It was so much fun hanging out with friends.

Christmas Cookies

I only worked two days this week but they were packed full of stuff getting ready for year end.  My boss took our whole administrative team out for a nice lunch Tuesday.  It was a lot of fun.  She also had gifts for all of us.  She and Jennifer also got Robert a laptop!  He really thinks it is great and has had a lot of fun playing with it.

Opening witcig-lewis gift

Robert Laptop

Tuesday the new living room and dining room furniture came along with the new blinds.  Jim started his vacation that day so he could be home for the deliveries.  I came home to a whole new house.  I love it!  The pit is cozy and just perfect for us!

Dining Room Set

Living Room Furniture

Christmas Eve morning we got up and did some chores.  I delivered some gifts and picked up some things we needed for lunch on Christmas Day.  Robert had a bath and got dressed.

Robert Tub

Robert Tub 2

Robert Truck Shirt

We picked up Donald and Erika and headed to my Mom’s.  We opened presents.  Mom got us a really great Crock Pot that I know we’re going to get a lot of use out of.  I also got a very nice perfume set.  Robert got some really cute new clothes and a savings bond.  Donald and Erika loved all their gifts.

donald opening gift

erika opening gift

Mom opening gifts

Robert opening tugboat

Robert tug boat

I missed the part in the Christmas Story where a tug boat runs through the manger… but apparently that’s what Robert thought happened.

Tug Boat Manger

Mom fixed our traditional Prime Rib Christmas Eve dinner.  Afterwards we went to church.

Christmas Eve Dinner

We finally got home around 9:30.  I had to help Santa by assembling the toddler table he got for Robert.  Then I un-gated the tree, fluffed out the packages, set up the video camera and tidied up a bit more for our company on Christmas Day. 

Tree 2


Robert had a really good time opening his presents.  We all got really nice, thoughtful gifts this year.  Santa brought me a Flip Video Mino.  It’s smaller than my cell phone.  AT first I wasn’t sure about it.  WE have the big camcorder and I can do video on my point and shoot camera.  But I really got into using it today and think I’m going to have a lot of fun with it.  Jim was thrilled with his smoker and I’m sure he can’t wait for the weather to warm up a tad so he can use it.

After we opened gifts Jim finished up his work on lunch for today… he fixed a turkey, a ham, brussel sprout hash, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy and a lot of appetizers for today.

Around noon my Mom, Erika, Aunt Barb & Uncle Ward arrived.  Aunt Sue & Uncle Ross couldn’t make it because of the cold weather.  THey have cattle and it’s taking Ross a half a day to chop ice so that they can get water.  We had hoped it would warm up enough that they could make it but it didn’t.  Donald was asleep so he didn’t come over either.  We opened more presents.

Cute Robert

Opening Bench

Aunt Barb got Robert a Time Out bench.  Like she would ever think that he could do anything to deserve to go to time out!

Time Out Bench 

You practically need a stick of dynamite to un-package some of these toddler toys.  Robert was trying to be patient but he really wanted to play with his new toy!

Hurry Up Mom

My Aunt and Uncle got me this Mother’s bracelet.  I absolutely love it.  They are always so thoughtful.


Robert fell asleep on the floor right before lunch.  He stayed asleep until after we were all finished eating then had his lunch.  Then he sat down at his toddler table and went to town playing with his toys.  He was quite the little entertainer all day.

Robert Table Toys

All this entertaining really tuckered him out.  He and Daddy took a long nap after everyone left.  Then tonight he crawled up on the couch with us and was out like a light.

Robert Asleep on Couch

Tomorrow I’m heading to Target to get one of these to get Robert’s toys organized.  At least this way we can put all “like” toys in a bin and just bring the bin out to the living room and hopefully help with the toys taking over the house.  It’s rough since he’s not old enough to play in his room alone yet but the living room does not have enough room for all of his toys and us!

I think we’ve also finally settled on what to get the Nebraska nieces and nephew for Christmas (we’re going there next week).  It’s looking like the weather is going to be nice tomorrows so maybe we’ll try to get that shopping done.

Merry Christmas to everyone.  I hope your day was filled with great memories.

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Is It Friday Yet?

Seriously… I’m wiped.  This morning I slipped on a patch of ice at the preschool… while carrying Robert… my back and neck are aching!!!  Ugh!  Add to it it’s cold, and icing but not as bad as they first predicted so I guess I should be thankful for that.  I did call the kids and tell them that Pizza and Wii night was canceled tonight… I didn’t know how bad the ice storm was going to be and don’t want them out driving in it.

Tonight I got all the pictures printed for the new gallery frames in the living room.  Got one set cut, matted and in the frames… will do the other tomorrow night and then hopefully Jim can hang them Saturday.

Santa visited the preschool today.  Robert’s class were all terrified of him… including Robert.  I was the official photographer… let’s just say not many good shots from the toddler room.  Afterwards they had their Christmas Party.  Robert really liked the cookies I brought.

RC Christmas Party School

I finally downloaded the pictures from Sunday tonight.  We were at the Crayola Cafe and Robert was intently coloring…

RC Crayola Cafe Coloring 1

I was being my typical Mammarazzi self trying to get him to smile for a picture.  He looked at me for two seconds and gave me this really sarcastic, cheesy grin…

RC Crayola Cafe Coloring 2

And then went right back to his coloring.

RC Crayola Cafe Coloring 3

I thought we had a few more years until sarcasm… he definitely is my child.

It’s 10:00 and I can hear he’s still going strong upstairs.  Earlier he was admiring the tree/trying to grab presents and ornaments.

RC Christmas Tree

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What Do You Mean Eight Days???

It can’t be eight days until Christmas.  I have so much to do!!!  All the gifts are bought, wrapped, tagged and ready to go (some even delivered to where they will be opened).  The cards got done last night and in the mail (busiest mailing day of the year… I didn’t want to be left out!)  I still have a home made gift to finish for Jim that I’m hoping I have the energy to do tonight.  WE had a board happy hour so I got home late and have lost some valuable time.  I just hooked up the new cable box downstairs and it looks like it’s trying to program.  Hopefully that will work so I can listen to Top Chef while I work. 

It’s been a whirlwind week.  Saturday night we decorated the tree.  Robert was un-decorating it as fast as we could put the ornaments on the bottom branches so the tree is now safely in its little gated community.



Sunday was a lot of fun running errands for Mom.  We were eating lunch at Crayola Cafe before delivering the theater ticket to my Aunt at 1:30 when we saw her and my Uncle walking around so they joined us for lunch and some shopping afterwards.  They are just ga-ga over Robert so he was thoroughly entertained.  The weather was a roller coaster Sunday.  It was 62 when we left the house at 9:00am and 24 when we left Crown Center at 2:30.  It’s been cold all week.  It was four degrees when I left for work Monday…. I do not like four degree weather.  Tomorrow we’re supposed to get freezing rain… not looking forward to driving in that.  Perhaps it will miss us… please!!!

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100 Miles

100 miles.. that’s how far I drove during my “morning errands”.  Started off going to the cable company to switch out the cable boxes and the modem.  That place was a zoo.. at 10am… I couldn’t believe it.  Luckily I had a very nice woman waiting on me and got everything exchanged, purchased, etc.  Then I ran to the office and picked up the disc… scroll down for amazing pics!  Then on to Kay’s house where I was greeted with a mimosa… and later rum cake!  I love Kay.  Went to Cabela’s to pick up Jim’s smoker.  Talk about a mad house.  I parked approximately 4 miles away from the store ( that might be a slight exaggeration) and then the line there was 15 people deep… mostly returns.  Presented my paperwork and then was told to wait “over there” and it would be out in about 10 minutes.  The traffic leaving was horrible but I managed to rock out to some Christmas tunes.  Finally I stopped at Petsmart and got food for Cosmo (hopefully he’ll quit biting my ankles now… he was out of food for approximately 12 hours… ya know he was starving, but not enough to eat the tuna I put out for him… ungrateful!)  I also picked up a few gifts for Cosmo and Harley.

Got home and the boys had a rough morning.  Robert apparently was not happy with my plans to leave them home and took it out on Daddy.  Luckily he had a nap and woke up in a much better mood so we decided to try and go see Santa.  Very little line, in and out in a snap. 

Robert & Santa

Since the weather was 57 degrees today we decided to do a little shopping.  Victoria’s Secret was having a sale… all bras $29.50… and since Harley has eaten two bras in the past 4 months (I have no idea what her fascination for bras is!) I picked up two more… yeah!!!

Mom called tonight… she’s not feeling well so won’t be going to the theater with my Aunt tomorrow.  SHe wanted to know if I wanted her ticket… we’re having family day tomorrow.  But I did volunteer that we would run out to her house to pick up some gift baskets I ordered from her and deliver some other ones to people we know.  I didn’t realize when I committed to it I was also picking up the theater ticket to deliver to my Aunt.  But it will all work out… the theater is at Crown Center which is always really cool at Christmas.  My Aunt will get to see Robert (she absolutely ADORES him).  And we’ll have our family time.  Everyone wins.  It will be another 100+ mile day since Mom’s house is 40 miles from here… thank God gas is down to $1.29 a gallon.

And now… the family Christmas pictures… I love that they really captured Robert’s personality (all boy… completely onry).


Family on Black

Jim and Susanne

Robert & Daddy

Robert & Mommy

Robert on Block Close Up

Robert Reading

Robert Sitting Landscape

Robert Sitting on Block

RObert Standing


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13 Days

Robert & Mommy

Robert & Santa


Wow… only 13 days until Christmas… and they are jam packed!  Wednesday we went to a Christmas party at Longview Mansion.  It really is a gorgeous estate.  Robert had so much fun (and looked so adorable).  We sat at the back of the room and right behind our table there was a little platform area in front of the windows with a bench that ran the length of the windows.  He had a good time going back there and waving at us with a huge grin on his face (last picture).  He finally got to the point where he would crawl towards Santa & Mrs. Claus and and wave and say “hi”. 

Last night we had our Christmas pictures taken.  We had a 7:40 appointment and got in at 8:30.. ugh!  I was so worried that Robert would be tired and cranky but he was a real trooper.  We got awesome pictures.  Unfortunately I left the CD at my office today so I’ll have to run by there tomorrow to pick it up. 

Tomorrow I am going to a brunch for my Soroptimist group board meeting.  It’s at our president’s house and I know it will be a good time.  Before I go there I’m going to run to the office and pick up the aforementioned CD (only about 20 mile roundtrip out of the way).  After the meeting I’ll head to Cabela’s to pick up Jim’s gift from Santa.  I think he’s going to be pretty surprised.

Sunday it’s supposed to be in the 60s so we’re going to go to the Plaza.  We’ll meet my Mom at Crown Center at some point to pick up some gift baskets she’s made up for us.  We also have to get the garage straightened around this weekend so that I can park in it.  I’m NOT parking outside one more winter. 

Wednesday night we have a board gathering after hours for work.  Thursday Jim is in Springfield and will be home late.  Next Saturday I’m taking my niece and nephew to do their Christmas shopping and Sunday I’m having friends over with their kiddos to have a cookie making party.  Only 7 more working days until Christmas vacation!!!  I am SOOOO ready.


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