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YEAH!!! Daddy’s Home

aunt rocks

This shirt pretty much sums up how Robert feels about his Aunt Barb… it says “MY AUNT ROCKS”.  Jim got home yesterday… thank God.  I slept from 4:30pm yesterday until 8:30am today and I needed it.  Thursday night between Robert and Harley I only got about three hours of sleep… ugh!

Jim picked Robert up from school yesterday when he got back to town.  I went up with him to check him out… Robert was sooo excited to see Daddy.  He climbed into his arms and held on tight!

This morning Jim and I manned packet pick up for the Trick or Trot this morning from 11am – 1pm.  It was at Macken Park and they had their big Halloween party going on so Robert had plenty to keep him entertained.  I think we got some cute pictures of him but I haven’t had a chance to download that camera yet today.

Afterwards we came home and regrouped.  Robert took a nap and then woke up and had some lunch.  Then we went shopping.  I cleaned up at Carters and Osh Kosh for Robert.  Lots of cute, cute stuff!  In Osh Kosh I heard Jim talking to a couple.  Then I heard the woman say to Robert, “Are you out with Grandpa today?”  This is the second time this has happened to Jim and it really bothers him.  So I walked over and said, “No, we’re just old.”  That totally flustered the woman and she kept apologizing.  Really… Jim does not look THAT old!  Osh Kosh had the cutest shirt that said “I ATE SANTA’S COOKIES” but were out of Robert’s size so we’re going to have to keep checking back.. he NEEDS that shirt.

I think we’re in good shape for the run tomorrow.  I know we’ll be up bright and early to get to the park and get set up… ugh!  After the run Jim and Robert are going to stop at the grocery store and I’m going to come home and see if I can get a nap in before Jim has to leave at 2:00.  Luckily this is only three nights… we’re going to make it.  NO MORE TRAVELING THREE WEEKS IN A ROW… and definitely no traveling the week I have an event for work.



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A Tradition Begins ??? (Fingers Crossed)

dinner thumbs up This picture actually has nothing to do with this post.  It’s just a shot of Robert from last night that I really liked.  I’m too tired tonight to download the camera so today’s pictures will have to wait.

Donald and Erika did come by tonight.  We had such a great time.  Pizza and Wii… our new Thursday tradition.  I told them I’m planning on them being here and ordering pizza accordingly so they just need to let me know by Wednesday if they are not coming.  I’m loving the $5 pizza mia’s from Pizza Hut.  Erika wants pepperoni, Donald cheese… I get mushroom and it’s only $5 per pizza.  Plus I send their extra pizza home with them.

Tonight we bowled, played tennis and golf, boxed (that will wear you out!) and played Mario Kart.  I picked up two more controllers and wheels today so we’re good for up to four now  🙂  The kids had a blast making their Wii’s… Donald pointed out Erika’s looks quite a bit like Sarah Palin LOL!  I loved being able to hang out with them, catch up on their lives and laugh together.  They got grade cards.  Donald reported that he had two Fs (ugh) but that he had already talked to both the teachers and is taking steps to rectify the situation.  I hate the F’s but I love the fact he’s taking responsibility for it and taking corrective action.  That will serve him more in the future than any grade.  Donald is so good with Robert.  He loves his cousin so much.  It’s so much fun to watch them together.  Erika is really good with him too but Donald is just over the top.

Yesterday morning a furnace motor overheated at the preschool.  We were running a bit behind so we weren’t there when the alarms went off.  When I pulled up their were fire trucks and ambulances on scene… that’s a bit scary.  Luckily the electrical contractors behind our building open up their building in case of emergency so our kiddos hung out in their conference room until the air cleared and we could get the alarm reset.  The best part was the building evac went off without a hitch.  We drill and drill but it’s always great to see when the situation is real everyone did great.

Jim gets home tomorrow!!!  YEAH!!!  I get him for two nights.  Saturday we have advance packet pick up for the 5K from 11-1.  I told everyone Jim and I could handle that.  Sunday we have to be at the 5K at 6:45 to get things set up.  We’ll be done there about 10:30 and Jim will probably have to be on the road by noon.  I really think I’m going to declare November 1 MY DAY.  Jim and Robert can go hang out and I can have some time to sleep and scrap, etc.  I really want to do some Snapfish books of Robert’s first year to give as Christmas presents. I deserve it!  Robert’s been really good this week and slept pretty good.  If he wakes up in the middle of the night he will go right back to sleep in bed with me.  This morning I woke up and Robert was horizontal across the pillows with me beside him and Harley on the other side of me.  It had to be quite a sight. 

Last night I stopped at Hallmark to get another roll of the Snoopy Christmas wrapping paper.  Turns out the store I was at started their promotion early where if you bought one roll of wrap you got a roll of the jumbo wrap free… I cleaned up!  I now have FIVE rolls of the Snoopy wrap and four rolls of their other Christmas wrap.. I love pretty packages.  I need to get Donald’s jersey ordered.  I’m getting him a personalized Dallas Cowboys jersey with his name on it.  I asked him tonight if he was a Cowboy what would his number be.  He said 13 so that’s the number he’s going to be.  I know he’s going to love it.  I’m still working on figuring out what Erika’s WOW gift will be.  She’s easy to buy for but finding that one thing that is going to make her really happy is a bit harder.

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Our Night

Robert and I had a pretty good night.  He seemed tired tonight and was asleep in his crib before 7.  That lasted until about 8 when he woke up and was doing his very sad cry.  I brought him into bed with me and he settled in.  Then he woke up for a bit to entertain me before crashing out again.  I just put him back in his crib and am hoping for a good long sleep before he wakes again.  Now that he’s older and realizes Jim isn’t here I think it upsets him a bit.

The good news is the house is still in really good order from the major cleaning for this weekend so it’s been easier to keep it up.  I got the trash out tonight while Robert was in his crib… and thankfully didn’t let the dog out this time!  Robert was in our room when Jim was ready for me to call him so we had to settle for texts tonight.  I also sent him a series of emails from Robert tonight detailing his evening in pictures.  I know Jim misses us terribly and this will be the longest he’s been away.

Here are the pics he got tonight.

Entertaining Mommy to make sure she’s not lonely.

Robet Not Sleeping

Trying to figure out how to text Daddy to let him know I’m taking good care of Mommy.

Robert with phone

Trying to get the camera from Mommy to take a picture of her to send Daddy.

trying to get camera from mommy

Crashed out on Daddy’s pillows.


Isn’t that just the sweetest little face ever.

sleeping close up

I also caught up with my nephew via text message tonight to let him know there is a Wii in the house now.  I’m hoping he and his sister can come to dinner Thursday night.  We’ll order pizza and play with the Wii.  I’m trying to make Thursday night dinner a tradition for us… keeping my fingers crossed we can pull it off.

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And They’re Gone

Debbie, Doyle and the kids loaded up and left around noon today.  We were all standing in the driveway saying good bye when a 7 or 8 point buck rounded the house on the corner heading for our house.  I was the only one facing that way and couldn’t come up with any intelligible words.  Luckily it stopped and turned around.  It was quite the sight.

This afternoon Jim and I got to play with the Wii a bit.  I now have my own Mii.  I’m not too shabby at bowling but  I think I’m developing Wii shoulder.  Afterwards we all took long naps.  Jim got to spend some quality time with Robert this afternoon.  He knows missing five days at this age is the potential of missing a lot.  Thank goodness for camera phones and email.. I can at least send him daily pictures.

Here are some more pictures from yesterday.

Ella absolutely adores her baby cousin and wants to be playing with him EVERY minute.

Robert & Ella

Robert was ready to go!

Robert & Daddy REady to Go

Managed to capture a family picture for them.  Debbie, Doyle, Aaron, Sarah, Anna & Ella… what a good looking family.

host family

Speaking of good looking…

Jim and Susanne

Robert wasn’t sure about meeting Snoopy

Robert Meeting Snoopy

And I couldn’t resist posing with my all time favorite character

Susanne & Snoopy

Waiting in line for the Mamba…

Sarah & Jim

Anna & Susanne

Robert doing his impression of us riding roller coasters

Debbie & Robert 

Robert also got to walk around a bit

Anna Jim & Robert

And ride on Daddy’s shoulders

Robert on Jim's Shoulders

And eventually he was tuckered out

Robert Sleeping

I can hardly wait for Christmas when we get to go visit them.  We have to get together more often!

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Boy That Was Fun

Group Photo We went to World’s of Fun today and had a great time.  Four adults… four and a half kids… just about the right ratio.  Auntie Deb doesn’t ride the rides so she was more than happy to play with Robert (as was Ella the four year old who thinks Robert is the neatest toy ever!)  We spent five hours at the park.  Rode most of the roller coasters.  Only got separated twice (not bad with a group of nine).  We are now back at the house and exhausted!  I so want to take a nap right now. 

Ella taught Robert how to go down the steps this morning.  It’s so cute, he crawls backwards until he gets to the first step then scoots down backwards on his stomach.  Fewer and fewer places safe when he’s around.

Tonight Jim is cooking a lasagna he made up a few weeks ago.  I think the kids are planning on giving the Wii a work out and the adults are hoping that bed time comes early.

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They’re Here





Jim’s sister and her family arrived tonight.  We are looking forward to a fun filled weekend.  She and her husband have four children ranging in age from 4 -15.  We love it when they’re here but nine people in this house takes up every inch we have… which means EVERY inch needs to be cleaned before they come.  With Jim out of town earlier this week I was behind on everything.  We busted it to get ready in time.  The good news is the basement was finished (other than some consolidating book shelves, etc.).  We set the Wii up down there and it was a huge hit!  Jim and his sister went head to head on Mario Kart.  I got to play one game.  I haven’t even made my Mii yet!

Robert is in hog heaven having his aunt and his cousins here.  Debbie absolutely spoils him.  Tonight she rocked him to sleep.  We told her if he wakes up in the middle of the night we’re sticking him in bed with her!  Harley is a little too excited and has spent a lot of the evening in the garage since she wouldn’t stop running like a mad dog through the house.  Poor Cosmo, he’s a Mama’s kitty and does not like a crowded house.  He’s hiding out as much as possible.

Jim got home Wednesday with some bad news.  He leaves Monday for a week in Arkansas.  He’ll be back Friday night and then leave again Sunday after our 5K run for four days in Tulsa.  Him being gone the week I have an event at work is bad enough but being gone the whole week after we’ve had a big weekend and I’m behind on sleep, etc. is horrible!  I feel like a single mother.  The good news is this should be the last of the lengthy travel until after the first of the year.  And with the economy how it is I should just be grateful we both have really good jobs.  I’m going to miss him.

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Wii Got One!!!

DSC01644 Yeah!!!  We finally have a Wii.  For months I’ve been stopping in to Game Stop, Circuit City and Best Buy.  Always the same story… try during the week.  Well, I work and it’s not always convenient to stop in on a week day.  Today after my dentist appointment… where I found out I have no more extensive work that needs to be done right now… yeah!!!… I stopped into Game Stop and the guy looked at me like “of course we have them”.  So… got the console, Mario Kart, two wheels and an extra nunchuck and Wii play with an extra controller.  Just in time for this weekend when our three nieces and nephew will be here for the weekend.  We can set this up in the basement and they can play until their hearts are content.

Jim’s sister called tonight to firm up this weekend.  Saturday we’re going to World’s of Fun.  The weather is supposed to be mid-60s.  Hopefully it’s also sunny… that will be perfect.  Either way we’re going to have a blast.  My brother in law is a hoot and we have such a great time.  I love Jim’s sister and wish we lived closer.  Little Ella who is 4 has been asking every day how many days until they go see “Baby Robert”.

I’m watching the Real Housewives second showing tonight… gee these women are real cut throat.  I can’t believe the totally ungrateful 11 year old who is getting an $18,000 birthday party.  Holy shit!  I didn’t spend that much on my wedding.  Blows my mind.

Jim gets home tomorrow… yeah!!!  Robert has woken up every night when I turn my light off… it’s uncanny.  Can he hear the switch???  There’s no way he can sense the change in light.  He was a bit grumpy today and I’m attributing that to the shots.  Tonight he was on the go but wanted me to play with him.  The FOURTH time I hauled him out of the animals water bowl I finally just picked it up.  He finally wound down a little after 8.  It’s trash night so I was rushing around trying to get all of that together.  With the remodel in the basement and purging we had quite a bit but of course… I ran out of trash tags… grrrr.  Oh well… I got almost everything so it will be ok.


Uncle Gary called tonight to wish Robert a Happy Birthday.  He said he meant to call last night but fell asleep and woke up at 9 and didn’t want to call then… thank God since Robert had just gone to sleep!  We had a nice visit and talked about making some plans for the holidays.  Aunt Sherry is off December 24 through January 2 like we are.  They’re doing their “family Christmas” at New Year’s since Dawn is on call at the horse clinic Christmas weekend.  They don’t know where they’re doing it yet.  Maybe if it’s in St. Louis they could come here for a few days before.  That would work so much better for us but if we have to go there that will work out too.  I’m also hoping that we can get up to see Debbie and Doyle and their kids also.

Jim had talked about working 1/2 day on Thursday and staying home Friday.  Tonight he said he was going to work all day Thursday and I had to burst his bubble.  We have six bodies descending on us Friday.  We will fill every square inch of this house so there is nowhere to “stash” things.  Even our room is not off limits since we have the shower.  We have been so busy lately with having stuff going every weekend and Jim traveling the day to day stuff has fallen behind and don’t even get me started on the baseboards, ceiling fans, air vents, etc. There is a ton of stuff that needs to be done between now and then and I have a meeting tomorrow night.  I took off work last time and cleaned… it’s his turn.  So he’ll work 1/2 day Thursday then go in Friday for his flu shot but he’s going to have Robert with him since it’s staff professional development day at the preschool.  I’m most worried about him getting all the extra furniture he put in the basement out of there and cleaning up the extra glue from the tiling so that we’re not sticking to the floor when we go down there.  Thursday night I’ll do the baseboards, vents, bathrooms, etc. as well as the deep clean on the cabinets in the kitchen.  I told him I’d take off at noon Friday and come home and do the final mop of the hardwoods and entryway.  Jim can stop on the way home from his flu shot and hit the grocery store.  Robert loves the grocery store.  I had to go there tonight with him and he’s in hog heaven looking at everything and flirting… my son is such a flirt!

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